Hell or High Water.

In our house it is neither.

In our county and our community and our state it is both.

Personally, my family is blessed with a business that is still functioning, a home that is still dry, and a family that is safe, together, and home. But all around my lovely Viroqua and stretching across the state to Racine and Milwaukee, this week’s floods have done some major work.

One friend (just minutes from Viroqua) described the moat that surrounds their rural home. A farmer we know in nearby Avalanche said that 95% of his plants and 50% of his soil is gone. Gone.

An hour and a half away (if the bridges weren’t out) my best friend in Baraboo had a bucket brigade of twenty-some neighbords save her house from disaster. And in the eastern part of the state, my parents described floating cars in their town and chest deep water in their backyard.

And on. And on. And on.

So what is all this eco-mayhem about? Mother Earth is pissed off. As a mother myself I know what it feels like to loose my cool (forgive the pun). To be pushed too far. To snap. We have been unruly children and our mama has had enough. She’s pushing back.

What can we do?

We can work damn hard to make her happy again. Change our habits. Change our lifestyle. Go here and click on the tree to figure out your carbon footprint. Then change it. Now. Today. We don’t have any time to waste.

What new steps is my family taking to reduce our impact? As of this week we are line drying our laundry. Eating less meat (even organic meat uses more energy getting to the table). Selling our extra vehicle. Reducing car travel to twice per week. Installing a rain barrel. Planting a garden. That’s the the start. We’re still working on it too.

As for the flood, we are doing what we do best. Making soap. For all Salute to the Sun, Laughter, and Earth Child soaps sold between now and June 19th. we will donate 100% of our profits to flood recovery efforts in Wisconsin. Click over to our website www.LuSaOrganics.com and stock up.

Our neighbors say thanks. And so do we.

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