Although I am a spring girl, summer is spinning some major magic around here these days. As homeschoolers we don’t need summer vacation to come together as a family or to find needed down time. Our life revolves with the rhythm of the seasons, organically. Our structure doesn’t change from busy to relaxed because school’s out.

And yet, summer…

We’ve had a blast already, and I wanted to share some summer photos of this journey we are on in the past few weeks.

Endless hours of kid-bliss in the warm sunshine…

The standard assortment of bike rides, tea parties, sandbox play, gardening, and leaf/rock/any-natural-item of-interest collecting that make up our days.

A blossoming friendship and love between our two kids…

The past few weeks we’ve seen Lupine and Sage start to connect like never before. He is helping her get dressed, wiping her hands, playing with her, and she is needing to hug and kiss him three times before she can fall asleep at night.

Much nature magic…

This mama snapping turtle let Lupine, Sage, and I watch her prepare to lay her eggs in the sand. When we came back to the cabin to tell Pete about her Lupine kept telling him she was “mama” turtle. Mama Turtle was preceded that morning by a doe and fawn wading in the river and followed by a young black bear who watched Lupine pee on the side of a road.

That’s another story.

And endless hours of imaginative play.

Summer has also made me busy in a Laura Ingalls sort of way. I have (in the past 48 hours) processed twenty pounds of strawberries (into amazing thick delicious rhubarb strawberry jam and miserably watery strawberry not-so-jam), baked three loaves of bread, made three quarts of yogurt (outside no less), cultured cream for butter making, and scrubbed my toilet. I even vacuumed. And washed my stovetop. Mom would be proud. My floors are still a mess, but there is progress in the air.

One thought on “Magic.

  1. fivegreenacres says:

    Ooh – could you send some of that Laura Ingalls progress my way? I could use a little inspiration. I just got a second chance at picking strawberries up north, where they were in full force. Lucky for me – I had missed the opportunity down here. Now to decide what to do with them….. so many options!

    The young black bear story sounds like a good one!

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