The Cabin.

We spent the past five days in the cabin that my grandpa and great-grandpa build on the Wolf River in Northern Wisconsin. It’s a few hours from Viroqua so we haven’t visited much recently. But last week we found ourselves at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair and were more than half way there.

So off we went.


I had forgotten these pleasures…

Coffee on the dock at sunrise,

Playing in the river,

Roasting marshmallows in the fire,

Sipping cocktails on the deck at sunset.

It had been a year since our last visit to the cabin. But I expect we’ll be back in just a few weeks.

Relaxation suits us well. We had all forgotten.

One thought on “The Cabin.

  1. Heather says:

    Just wanted to say how lovely your blog is. I recently was shopping at Nicki’s in New Glarus and noticed your name change. Got on the website to check out what prompted the change. I’ve bought soaps from you at the farmer’s market and got the inspiration to learn how to make my own. I totally agree with you that mother earth is fighting back and she is angry. We too are doing what we can to reduce and simplify. Thank you for sharing yourself and family in your blog!


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