Let me start by acknowledging the lameness of the last post’s photos. Yes, that was a post about dyes. And um, yeah. That was just one "before" picture and no "afters". During the party I was so engrossed in dying and visiting that I took all of six (unflattering) photos, and now I have all the silks and wool hiding so my wee ones don’t find their solstice gifts. 

I have edited it to add two during shot. Not very exciting, but there is madder root and henna in action on some wool yarn and some silks. Thank you for forgiving my photo inadequacy.

On that note, onto the next photo-inept (but still worthwhile) post.

We are off tomorrow to Milwaukee for Art Vs. Craft.

We first tied into the hip handcrafted movement at this show last year and we had a ball. We are not ordinary craft fair material, and these are not ordinary craft fairs. They are crafty, hip, young, and very cool. This year we are doing two additional crafty-cool shows (DIY Trunk Show last weekend in Chicago and No Coast Craft o Rama in Minneapolis).

As for other craft fairs or art fairs? I have done a few and I feel as awkward and out of place there as I do at a business meeting. (At a business meeting it is more a sudden awareness of my poorly planned outfit and perennial bedhead, and the "what the hell is that?" stares that my kombucha receives when I politely decline a Pepsi from the refreshment table. It is my not blending). At ordinary craft fairs it is much the same, plus having to explain why we don’t make soap scented like "Fresh Cut Hay" or "Cranberry Memories".

It’s just not our gig.

But this weekend is. I hope to see some familiar Milwaukee faces this weekend. If you come to Art Vs. Craft make a point to find our booth. Then when you buy some goodies, tell us that you read the blog. If you do we’ll give you free stuff.

And remind me to take some pictures, would ya?

Gratitude and love to all. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. LaLibertad says:

    Cranberry Memories, ha. Though it is SO HARD to wait until the MREA fair to see you again in central WI, I suppose I can be patient. Now that we’ve moved to Wausau (from Baraboo) I’ve been jonesin’ for your products. You’re at the top of my X-mas list, thats for sure.

    Love the blog!

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