Last week I invited a dozen or so amazing women over for friendship and fabric dying. We simmered countless pots of natural (and unnatural) dyes, laughed, talked, and made holiday gifts for family and friends.


What began as white or off white silk, yarn, and wool roving was transformed during the evening into both vibrant and earthy creations to be treasured.

But more than our fabric was transformed. Our connections as well shifted over the course of the evening. It was significant to me that several women (nearly a third of those who came) came not to dye, but simply to connect. They brought food for the potluck and knitting or felting for idle hands. They sat and talked and connected. It spoke to me of how we all hunger for connection in our busy lives. Time to be present with other women and share in this journey we are all on.

My cooking pots and counter tops may never be quite the same, but neither will my impression of community. Community takes intention to maintain. It takes an awareness of its importance it takes being together and connecting and breaking the routine of our busy lives.


One thought on “Dyes.

  1. Jody says:

    Your party sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve been wanting to dye some playsilks for my little ones but have had a hard time finding the dyes. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but where can I find some natural ones?
    I’ve been enjoying your blog…a little slice of home. Can’t wait until we can get back where we belong!

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