Despite the rain dribbling on my home today, this is a bright morning. Pete and the kids and I danced around the kitchen singing O-bama! O-bama! O-bama! beaming the biggest smiles. We’re all a bit giddy.

This election touched so many like never before, myself included. Until this time I never conceived of putting up a yard sign, much less volunteering for an election. I am a passionate woman with some strong ideals. No one ever spoke to me before.


Thinking of my dad (whom we joked was walking around his kitchen moaning No-bama! No-bama!) I wondered what this would bring for him. Here in I find the biggest blessings. Even those who did not support Obama in this election will experience a major shift in their reality over the coming term. Health insurance. Environmental repair. Economic repair. International respect. Peace. Hope. Change.

It’s hard for me to find any darkness on that list.

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