Marking Time.

How do you mark time?

For us, marking the years as our children grow takes form in a simple photographic essay. One theme throughout childhood. Every fall we take a photograph of Sage in Pete’s old leather jacket. We started when he was one and now have six gorgeous pictures of our little man growing up.

As these years swirl by we will watch him grow into the jacket as he grows into a man.

We are doing the same with Lupine, with the fringed leather jacket that belonged to my Grandmother. This was only her second round, but so sweet nonetheless! Thanks to my old friend Kelly for this brilliant idea! Here are this year’s favorites, taken this morning.


Photographs aside, today was beautiful, from sunrise to long after dark. With Pete away until tonight, we read a few stories (this is my pre-breakfast latte fix, disguised as the kids having smoothies and quality mama time), had breakfast (Sally Fallon style soaked rice and Kamut porridge with butter, cream, and maple), and then headed out to play in the delicious morning light.

As homeschoolers, we tend to have the park to ourselves on the weekdays and today was no exception.



Then we wandered to a friends’ home for lunch in the country. They knew I was flying solo and offered up a meal of home-grown, home cooked goodness in their 10 x 10 off-grid home. It is a favorite place to visit and connect with kindred souls and serve as a continual inspiration for us.



Then home again, home again for a quiet family evening. With no nap today, Lupine was asleep by 6:00pm (Oh, how I love daylight savings time in Autumn!) and Sage and I headed outside for a campfire and some stargazing. (Yes, yes, we had s’mores. I couldn’t resist. Hey, they were organic.) Tired from a long day (and jacked on sugar), we doused the flames, and came inside for sleep.

A magical day, from beginning to end. And now? Sleep for me as well. With Pete back home, I am taking tomorrow off to volunteer in our local Get Out the Vote efforts.

Goodnight sweet souls! Tomorrow will be a day filled with hope and change!

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