Bluebird is two.


Her birthday was spirited and sweet, just like our Lulu. Her only requests were for: 1. pie and 2. for Jadu (a friend’s dog) to eat pie with her. So we invited Jadu and his people and my family over to celebrate.

Gifts were simple and mostly hand made and all were natural or recycled or creative or all of the above. New felted wool mittens. Ceramic ladybug dishes. A felted ball (from brother Sage). A wool felt pizza. A  recycled tire swing horse. A wooden truck.

The singing and candles were bliss.
The pie was over the top.

For me, birthdays are an opportunity to remember.

The past year, the past years, the child’s birth story. Taking a moment to reflect and recall the births of my babies is always one of the delights of their day.

Lupine was born in front of the fire place that you can see above. The fire was glowing, the sun was rising, the season’s first snowflakes were falling.

Born into the water in our quiet home, Lupine greeted us with a soft puppy dog sigh. No tears, no drama, just sweetness.

We cuddled together, Pete, our new baby, and I as we waited for Sage to be ready to join us from his room where he had been quietly listening in anticipation with our friend Ina. Finally (with some coaxing from a stuffed bear, a stuffed horse, and his papa) he emerged to meet Baby Bluebird (as she was known for the previous nine months). Only then did we look to see if our sweet baby was a girl or a boy. (But Sage and I knew all along.)

Bluebird was here!

Happy Birthday Lupine Bluebird. We love you to the moon and back again.

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