A Scary Realization.

So last week I wrote to you about the handmade and natural toy industry and the death-blow that will be dealt by the new legislation from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, if left unrevised.


The CPSIA (Consumer Products Safety Act) was – in my mind – an issue of toys and toymakers. Never did it occur to me that this law effects my products.

Booty Balm. Baby Wipe Juice. Cheek and Chin. Sleeping Potion. Baby Wipes. Baby Massage Oil. Chest Rub. Essential Oil Blends. If this law is not rewritten, in fifty-five days these products will either become illegal or cease to exist.

No Booty Balm? As a friend put it this morning, "You're my friend, so I can just force you to make Booty Balm for me anyway. But if I were just one of your customers I would be freaking out."

So thanks to this law, not only will your baby be chewing on a Made in China plastic teether (Because you can no longer buy a local or European wooden teether) but they'll have Desitin on their bum, too, for lack of a better choice.


What can I say, people. This is madness. Get your letter writing hat on, and rage, rage, rage. Find your Senator here or your Representative here. Need a sample letter? Okay. Here you go. This is extremely important (and not just because I want to stay in business).

Many thanks.

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