Solstice is our biggest family celebration of the year. We spend Christmas with my family in Milwaukee, but Solstice is the bee's knees around here. And what's not to love? Our longest night tradition goes something like this:

1. Light the fourth candle in our Solstice Advent centerpiece.


2. Cook (and eat) loads of great food.

3. Craft and play games all day.

4. Make a gingerbread house. (Come up one piece short and substitute cardboard for half of the roof.)


5. Eat disturbing quantities of cookies.
6. Play outside in the snow (or shovel if if happens to blizzard).

7. Snuggle by the fire for some stories of Solstice and the birth of the sun.

8. Stay up "all night" (or, our official rule "until someone loses their mind").

9. Fall asleep, awaiting the Solstice Elves' magical gift in the morning (a woolen play mat for thier farm and some new wooden Ostheimer additions), and the birth of a new sun!


10. Wake to greet the fresh new sun and hand our golden sun on the front window in celebration.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well. Safe travels home to each of you!

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