We made it home from Milwaukee after Art Vs. Craft. The show was brilliant. We quickly sold out of lotion bars (clearly these will be in everyone’s stocking this year) and our soap of course sold crazy style with a line wrapping our booth for most of the day.

And then the snow came.

We were already packed and had piled into the car. As we headed down the freeway I called my mom, who was finally decompressing after four days of The Wolves. (She loves her grandkids, but let’s face it – we can be a bit much.)

"Its snowing," I said. "Really snowing like we might slide off the road into the ditch."
"You can come back," said my mom.

So we did.

We spent an unintended night with my mom, and Sage played in the snow until he was soaked through. He actually talks to King Winter and can hear him answering. He is constantly chatting with him about making more snow and giving thanks for the snow that we have.

I heard him say to Lupine as he smiled through the windshield of the van at the mounting flakes,

"Don’t you wish you could make yourself really really big and go up into space and just hug the Earth for making snow?"

Enough said.

This Thanksgiving weekend (among many other blessings) we were thankful for snow.

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