Vintage typewriter love: $3.

I think I have been looking for an excuse to buy a typewriter for ten years. But my good sense kept getting in the way. Seriously – who needs a typewriter anymore?

Besides, any that I had seen before have broken keys or mangled parts. But not this one. This one is perfect. I could not resist.


Here is my cleverly crafted justification:

The kids watch me on the computer when I work and they long to spend
time using the keyboards, punching out random letters and words. When this happens spontaneously in the middle of a business email it is a bit of a bummer. Also, they don't need screen time, so I would rather find another way.

Secondly, we are homeschooling. We need supplies. (This is also a great excuse for other fun like traveling, baking, science experiments, camping trips, and gardening).


And with a child on the brink of reading, it seemed like a great excuse
to indulge myself. Our "new" Galaxie Twelve has been in almost constant
use since it came home from a rummage sale this weekend (some of it the kids).



A fresh ribbon is on its way (thank you, Ebay, for being my source of all things random). Now I just need to
find a place to redeem the included $5 "Certificate of Value" for a Ten
Day Touch Typing Course

Or I could purchase the "five long play 7 inch records" to learn to type. Sweet. Now I just need to find a record player.


3 thoughts on “Vintage typewriter love: $3.

  1. Susanne Johnson says:

    This is awesome and I am jealous. It’s amazing that it is in such wonderful condition. Happy key-tapping!

  2. Tehemina says:

    Rachel, I don’t know if you are familiar with the #1 Ladies’ detective agency books. . and I honestly don’t remember if this is in the books but was put to hilarious use in one of the HBO episodes– they buy two typewriters– each are missing some keys and so the VERY anal-retentive secretary has to keep switching between the two (to great comic effect) in order to type a letter.

    I am loving the blog. Best. . .Tehemina

  3. Ben Caldwell says:

    I’v got a record player you could borrow for a while if you like 🙂 Just let me know. I get back from Germany on the 3rd 🙂 Also, I’v got some fun records I’m sure the kids would like, such as “If I ran the Zoo” by Dr. Seuss, or “The Sleep Book” which is on the flipside of that album, and I guarentee will put anybody who listens to it to sleep, regardless of their mental state, its actually kinda ridiculous. Well, let me know 🙂

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