Marking Time: Birthday Photographs

A friend gave me a wonderful idea when Sage was just a baby. Take a photograph each year of the child wearing the same piece of adult size clothing. Someday (is it possible?) the clothes will fit and you will have a year-by-year look at your child as they grow into it. (I posted about it here last year).


Sage wear's his papa's leather jacket. If he's vegan some day we'll have to come up with a plan-B, but for now its working.


And for me, watching our "Baby Sage" grow larger (and more cooperative come picture time) with each passing year has been remarkable.



Lupine wear's a leather jacket as well, but my grandmother's vintage fringed buckskin coat. Again, if she chooses to be vegan we'll just have to punt.



The photos are silly, sweet, and beautiful. We have the series of them framed and hanging in the children's playroom.



Along with baby sign language and elimination communication, I could easily recommend this to everyone I know. As for encouraging your kids to participate and cooperate? I'm not sure I want to admit this, but beginning last year I have instilled a policy of shameless bribery.

Ice cream anyone?