In the Kitchen : : Baking Day


I've attempted to structure our days with a predictable rhythm for the kids. We all seem to thrive with some predictable flow. Monday – shopping, Tuesday – library, Wednesday – baking, etc…

Oh, how we love Wednesday.


Baking means many things here. Sourdough rolls, tortillas, overnight muffins, raw granola, cookies, and of course, homemade bread. Oh, bread. I love you.


We work off of a variety of recipes but always start with freshly ground spelt flour.


We appreciate the ease of the no-knead bread concept, but we also sometimes enjoy baking just for the sake of the kneading and playing with dough.

Today Lupine spent close to an hour kneading and sculpting and cutting out "biscuits" from bread dough. Our kitchen is warm, our house smells amazing, and our bellies are full.

Hooray for the simple pleasures of baking day!