Homemade bubble wands.

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homemade bubble wand

Lupine and I spent part of the day playing in the backyard, chasing enormous bubbles through the grass. I wanted to share this playful summer idea with you with a simple bubble wand tutorial. Here goes!


Pliers/Wire snips
1 dowel or small tree branch, approximately 24" long
3 feet of wire (ours was copper wire recycled from a remodeling job)
1 C unnatural dish soap
4 C water

homemade bubble wands 2

The (Magic) Wands

Special touches like glitter, paint, and ribbon streamers are a nice touch. These instructions are for your bare-bones bubble wand, but don't let that limit your creative spark!

Spiral one end of the wire around stick 4-5 times to secure.

Shape remaining wire into a shape that creates one or more closed loops. (You needn't be fussy about how closed the loops are. If the wires overlap and touch it is close enough.) We made stars and dragonflies. Your design should be fairly two-dimensional for ease of use.

Optional step: If you have loads of wire left after completing your design, trim to approximately 5".

Tuck the second wire end safely away so no one gets poked (around the stick or turned on itself it left exposed).

make your own bubbles

The Bubble Juice

We have tried many recipes and this simple one is the best. (We skip the
glycerin and corn syrup found in other bubble formulas. We have found them to be unnecessary
and some leave sticky marks where the bubbles pop.)

Mix 1 C unnatural dish soap (we used Dawn) with 9 C water. (I wish I could tell you to make this with our delicious LuSa Organics soap,
but alas, those bubble aren't tough enough for backyard mayhem.)

Stir gently to dissolve.


Edited: If you do make wands, won't you post them to the Clean Flickr pool and then leave a comment here? I'd love to see your creations.

home made bubble wands 3