Passion, Peace, and Power: Fifteen Days in Wisconsin.




Let me begin with a simple sentiment: This is not a political blog. At all. Indeed, it is usually a sparkly, woolly, squeaky clean, happy no-politics zone. It is a place to come to discuss homeschooling, cooking, sewing, knitting, kids, and all things magical. But not the democrats or the republicans. Please, not politics my friend. Because we might discover that we don't agree and that would make a mess of this beautiful little corner of the internet.

In truth, I am a little terrified to let even one or two of you down. (What can I say. I'm a pleaser-person.) And so politics are something that I have chosen to not discuss with 1) My dad, and 2) My readers. Because I love you all and I believe that we don't all need to vote the same or have the same politics to get along, so why bring it up here?

But these last two weeks.

Oh, goodness. I hardly know what to talk to you about that isn't politics. At risk of starting to make stuff up to talk about here I have been contemplating sharing some more with you of the goings on in my home-state-since-birth. (I touched on it a few days ago here.) I quickly consulted my geeky/handy Clean Mission Statement and realized that politics might just be on our plate today. My mission is to:

1. Inspire: Our world is brimming with hidden beauty and inspiration. I strive to inspire you through the moments and thoughts that I share through words and pictures.

2. Be Inspired: I will seek inspiration and beauty each day. There is so much around me that is magical. I will touch it, photograph it, and share it.

3. Uplift: Our words shape our world and I choose to work for good. May my message lift your heart and make your soul sing.

4. Challenge: I challenge myself to try new things, to post with regularity, to be present each day. I challenge you with ideas that may be new, unusual, non-conformist.

Yep, by my measuring stick current events in Wisconsin fit all four criteria, perhaps better than anything I might normally write about (I mean really – how challenged were you by the fairy house?). And in truth I think I would be remiss is not talking about it. You come here because I am authentic and passionate. And about this I am extremely passionate. It would be inauthentic for me to not speak my truth.

What is happening in my community is happening globally: people are waking up, shaking off their apathy and their feelings being small and powerless and they are rising up. Egypt. Yemen. Lybia. Greece. Tunisia. Wisconsin.

The parallels bring goosebumps to my arms because while the conflicts and the intensity of the politics vary, they are all the same at their heart. The people want to be heard. Perhaps this is what 2012 is all about. The Global Awakening. The end of one story and the beginning of another.





To stand hand-in-hand with my children among 100,000 passionate, peaceful, determined souls; to hear the diversity of this crowd call forward with a single voice; to see hope like this so alive in a society that has been long guilty of political apathy is something I will never forget.

Steelworkers standing with librarians standing with young activists standing with police standing with nurses standing with college students standing with firemen standing with professors standing with school children standing with electricians standing with… this is Wisconsin. This is America. I stand beside them in awe of it all.






And so thousands come to the Capital. They leave notes of adoration (above) or disgust on their Representatives office doors and plaster the hallways with signs and sentiments. And they just keep coming, day after day, asking to be heard and they peacefully refuse to leave and instead of arrest them the cops sing along to their protest songs and ask if they need some water and even peronally thank them for showing up and taking a stand.

Passion. Peace. And power. It is a revolutionary combination.






Today is day fifteen of the occupation. To say Wisconsin or our politics has been transformed remains to be seen. To say our Capital has been transformed is an understatement. To say we have been transformed is a profound truth. We are taking back our government. We are exercising our rights. We are rising up.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Postscript: Wether you are new to the Wisconsin Uprising or not here are three videos I urge you to watch.

This one is brought tears to my eyes and shows the bold and illegal tactics that were used by the Republicans in our Assembly to push through this controversial bill. Regardless of how you vote, this is a shamefull crack in our democracy.

A look inside the Capital protests over the past two weeks.

Some of the faces of Wisconsin.


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