We've been reflecting on gratitude around here recently. I have always loved the concept of Thanksgiving as a very special holiday, but year after year tend to drop the ball.

This year will be different, I decided. So we've been talking about it.

Today Sage asked for a bit more information on Thanksgiving. He wanted to know what it meant, what it's all about. I explained it and he was satisfied. Then I asked him, "What are you thankful for?"

He answered with a single sweet word:



(Here they are when Sage was 4 1/2 and Lupine was three weeks.)

I am thankful for the same. And I swear – he wasn't just working me over. Just yesterday the following dialogue was overheard in our playroom:

Lupine: "Oh! It's falling."

Sage: "Oh no! You're bonnet! I didn't tie it tightly enough. Here, let me help. There. That's better. Now let's take our baby for a walk."

Enter Sage and Lupine, decked head to tow in playsilks, walking a silk-swaddled doll down the hall in a wicker pram. Adorable. A few minutes later it was time to go to a friend's house for dinner (friends with kids whom my kids adore.)

Sage protested. "I don't want to go. I just want to stay here and play with Lupie!"

(Somebody pinch me.)

Oh, yes. For this I am thankful indeed.