Glitter Child is my teacher.


Be present.

Dwell in your bliss.

Life is fun.

Worry is overrated.

Get dirty.

Clean up later.


It's simple, isn't it? Kids understand it
from the moment they arrive in this body. But some of us, as we grew up forgot this simple truth.


It works something like this:

: : Find what brings you joy in this moment.

: : Then
pry the caps off that keep the good stuff from flowing freely.

: : Dig in.
Roll in it, rub it on your belly.

: : Laugh, smile, make merry.

: : Believe in the abundance.

: : Be one with your sparkles (whatever they may be.)




Thank you wise master for this simple life lesson.

The sparkles dancing all over our house will help me remember for a very long time.