Odds and Ends.

I suspect a few of you are on Facebook already. Clearly my entire high school class is. I'm guessing you might be over there somewhere too. I just created a brand-new Facebook page for Clean so that you have a good place to connect, keep up on posts, and ask questions that don't seem to fit elsewhere. Here is the link for those of you who are on Facebook. Be my fan! (There is also a LuSa Organics Fan Page if you'd like to join there too!)


And now I'm off to Milwaukee to pick up Sage. He's been staying with my folks for a few days but is feeling under the weather and wants his mama. It's hard for me to be away from him when he doesn't feel well. I have our homeopathic remedies and his favorite snuggle buddy ready to go. I packed for both Lupine and I in under 10 minutes. I'm hoping we have underwear.

So as to not leave you hanging while I'm away, tomorrow we have a giveaway of Respectful Parents Respectful Kids – one of my favorite NVC parenting resources. Thanks to Continuum Family for their donation!

I'd love to talk about giveaways with you. Do you like them? Do they belong here? I am not much of a new-products shopper. (Thrifter, yes. Shopper, no.) And I don't want to set a tone that you need more stuff to find your joy. But there are definitely items in my world that I'm glad to have discovered. Books. Safe water bottles. Foot-healthy shoes. Natural sunblock. The good stuff. I would love to serve as a conduit between you and folks doing good work to bring positive products to the market.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Because this is as much your place as mine.


And with that, I'm off. Have a beautiful weekend. I'll read all of your comments when I return after the weekend!

This message was brought to you by the pink recycled sweater bunny that Lupine and I just made. (Pink. Fuzzy. Bunny. She loves it.)