Kids Craft : : Valentine Candle Lanterns


Lupine and I made Love Lanterns today. Simply crafted with Mod Podge, tissue paper or kite paper, and an old glass jar. Oh, and glitter. There is always glitter happening over here.


Love Lantern Tutorial

1. Cut hearts and other shapes from kite paper. As an alternative you may tear or hole-punch paper shapes.

2. Spread Mod Podge over half of the jar. Place shapes on wet Mod Podge. Overlap is beautiful. Lupine wanted plenty of open space on our jar, but I love overlapping coverage.

3. Coat with a second layer to seal paper in. Sprinkle with glitter while still wet and dab on with your brush.

4. Allow to dry thoroughly.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Edited: I've gotten lots of emails asking where we get our kite paper. We buy ours locally from an online Waldorf supply store, Paper Scissors Stone. Click on their "Paper" page and scroll down.