Hand-painted wooden peg people.

I woke up grouchy today.

Tired. Crabby. So I made some tea and then decided that instead of feeding my children breakfast, we would paint peg people.

And suddenly I was so much less grouchy.


The family above shows my grouchyness in that the mama is less than cute. The big kid peg person (now know as "HiHi Sage") is beyond adorable, while the real life-sized Sage was not so adorable this morning.

But that is more information than you asked for.


I also painted a pocket acorn and a large bead head that some other grouchy morning will be transformed into a finger puppet.


Easy, sweet, and fun. The kids made 2000 of them (give or take). They were painted with concentrated watercolors. We plan to finish them later today with a beeswax/jojoba oil rub. We buy our peg people and acorns (and many other treasures) here.


(And then they got into their van and drove away.)


"Hey kids – look over there."

"What? Where?"

(kissing noises).

The end.