As you know we are downsizing. Since I last posted about it I've filled three more bags. It feels so good to say "why is that here?" and put it in the "bye-bye-box". (That's Sage's name for the thrift donation box from when he was four.) But all this downsizing means that my former favorite treasure hunt (thrifting) is cancelled until further notice. Though I don't want the stuff I miss the hunt.

Yesterday, thanks to some of your suggestions and fine-tuning from a friend, we discovered Letterboxing. Letterboxing is a treasure hunt of a different sort. It's better than my former habit because 1) it is outside; 2) it requires use of your brain and body; and 3) it is free. The "treasure" is simply a rubber stamp imprint in a notebook, the hunt is finding the box.




The letterbox itself is a plastic box hidden in a public space that contains a notebook and a rubber stamp. Using clues from the internet and a compass, you tromp through woods and down trails until you find the treasure. When found you imprint the letterbox stamp in your notebook and leave your own stamp print in the notebook from the box.

Yesterday was our first find: "Uf Dah"! (My Norwegian grandma would be thrilled.) We found it after hiking some crazy steps to the top of a massive hill with a breath-taking view. Back at our car an hour later (our legs shaking for the hike up and back) the kids asked if we could do another one (or two) before dinner.

I think they're hooked. And me? It's my new favorite treasure hunt. Adios, Goodwill! You won't be missed.

For more info on getting started visit here or here. Then get out there!