Learning to Spin Wool.

This winter I bartered with a local woman the trade of a lifetime: LuSa soap for a Louet spinning wheel. (Its an S10-DT for the fiber geeks out there.)  

Yes. Soap for a spinning wheel.

But my efforts at learning to spin this winter were so lame that I couldn't even bring myself to post that I had the wheel. It was too embarrassing.


My birthday present to myself was spending part of my birthday with my spinning wheel at the local yarn shop. I noticed that the yarn shop had a spinning class on my birthday weekend so I went for it. It was three hours well spent. Within the first five minutes I undid the damage of my winter's efforts at learning bad habits, and away we went.


I was amazed at how zen it was. It was really a dreamy experience spinning away, the fibers moving through my hands. By 4:00 I had a skein of handspun plied wool. It is far from perfect but I am thrilled. Every night since I've slipped in a few restful moments of spinning. I can't get enough.

Life is so good!


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And now, the Day 2 Babywearing Giveaway winners! If you see your name below please send me an email so that I can arrange shipping. (rachel at lusaorganics dot com).

Over the Shoulder Baby Holder: Darla who said:

daughter hated slings and things at first too! but determined to not
have these things just lying around, i persevered and got over MY
sling/carrier issues and so did she (apparently "its not you, its me"
was the actual scenario going on here.)

Love these fabulous stories being shared!

Tummy 2 Tummy DVD: Tanya V who said:

I can't
imagine any other way to get through the day than to wear my precious
daughter. The smell of her hair so sweet and calming… and close
enough to kiss whenever either of us needed it. And Daddy wearing her
as we run errands or hit garage sales, etc. So sweet!

Babywearing 101: Brooke who said:

I would love to retry a sling, only my husband uses ours… it doesn't fit me right.


My sleeping baby

Inside, longer than out, now

Me, your home always

~ Kim Vukovich