Free Soap.




Well good morning. I got up early again with even intention of hitting the trail with my pup. But the book I keep saying I am writing is calling today. And truly, so is this cup of tea. I'm skipping my daily sunrise walk and penning a few pages instead. It won't write itself, so I'd better get to work.

Before I go, I wanted to tell you that this month is my four-year blog anniversary. Four years feels like a long time. Lupine was just a baby when I began, and Sage was the age she is now. And poof! Over 700 posts are somehow done and here you are, reading my words.

It's humbling.

In those first few months I shared a blog mission statement with you. Well, with a couple of you. There were so few of you here that only two people commented. (Oh wait. One of those people was me.)

I thought I would share it again to let you know why I've been coming here since the beginning.

Here is what I said when this all began:

So here is my blog Manifesto, my Mission, Intention, or Over-Thought-Moment-of-Misplaced-Seriousness:

1. Inspire

Our world is brimming with hidden beauty and inspiration. I strive to inspire you through the moments and thoughts that I share through words and pictures.

2. Be Inspired

I will seek inspiration and beauty each day. There is so much around me that is magical. I will touch it, photograph it, and share it.

3. Uplift

Our words shape our world and I choose to work for good. May my message lift your heart and make your soul sing.

4. Challenge

I challenge myself to try new things, to post with regularity, to be present each day. I challenge you with ideas that may be new, unusual, non-conformist.

And you know, four years later I think that sums it up. From posts about making toothpaste to picking nettles, peaceful parenting to clearing the clutter. I think it's all there. Do you?

Why do you come here?

This is something I wonder often. So many of you are quiet, coming here to read and then slipping away until tomorrow. What brings you back everyday? I've often wondered.

Leave a comment here with anything you want me to know. Tell me your favorite sort of post (parenting, crafting, homeschooling, cooking, etc.) or tell me something about you. Tell me how long you've been reading or what you want more of. Tell me why you are here.

You can post a second entry for sharing a link to the blog or this giveaway via whatever method you choose. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, phone, tin-can-and-string, etc.) Just leave a second commenting saying so.

Comments are now closed. Thank you for the amazing love-fest that you left with your notes on this post. What a tresure this turned out to be! I'll annonce the winner later this week.

The winner is Katie who said:

I love LuSa products – the Belly Balm has saved my ever growing pregnant belly 🙂 I appreciate companies who are making a difference and care about their customers. I love bragging about your products to my friends and recommend them to everyone! Thank you!

I'll pick one comment at random and send you some of my delicious LuSa Organics goodies. A nice box of my organic body care that smells like heaven. You'll love it. I promise. 

And for everyone, to celebrate my anniversary here receive a free bar of my LuSa Organics naked soap with any order on my website. Type "I love LuSa. And I love ______." In the  comments field of your order. In the blank write mint, lavender, patchouli, or citrus to help us choose your soap. Then we'll add a bar of naked soap of our choice. Offer is good through June 22, 2012.

So that's it. Happy anniversary to Clean and thank you to everyone who finds there way into my world each day. Now then. Onto that book…




Felt Hair Clips.

There is a new baby on the block. Two doors down my friend just had her second child and her first homebirth. The neighbor between us might be wondering what's happened to the neighborhood (Lupine was born at home here as well). Truly, I think she loves the unconventionality of it all (in our society anyway).

A new baby means there is a new big sister on the block too – a spunky 4 1/2 year old whom we adore. Sage was nearly 4 1/2 when Lupine was born, and I love watching older kids transition for the first time into becoming a truly big sibling.

So we made these Big Sister Clips our first priority. We make loads of two-dimensional felt clips around here, but these were inspired by some I found over here a long time ago. Amazingly I never saw the tutorial until I posted the link. Going from one quick glance weeks ago and then flying by the seat of my pants I'd say I nailed it.

Lupine was thrilled to model them and is begging for her own collection.





And for the baby? We did a quick embellishment to an organic baby cap with a few yoyos and vintage buttons. Sweet without being overtly girlie.


The mama got a nice stash of LuSa goodies and for the papa I mixed up a gin and homemade tonic. (I know. Gin and tonic isn't exactly a wholesome gift for a parent with a new baby, but the papas really hold the whole gig together when the new babies arrive and I thought he'd appreciate it. And I'm so stoked to be making my own preservative-free tonic that I want to give it to the mail carrier. Hmmm… or maybe that neighbor I mentioned earlier?)

What's in your craft basket this week?