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Since we've slipped away for a few days I wanted to sweeten the pot with a LuSa giveaway and a free shipping offer for one and all. Many of you know me simply from this crafty/parenting place, but there's more to my world than this!

As most of you know, my sweetheart and I own LuSa Organics – a small organic body and baby care business. Our goal is to create the safest, most gentle and effective, luxurious products available. I'd say we're doing just that. Our business is growing faster than we imagined and its been quite a ride!

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I shared more about me and about LuSa in this post, so have a read if you are curious as to who we are and why we do what we do. Oh, and the name? LuSa Organics is named after our two kids, Lupine and


Today's giveaway is up to you! I am sharing your choice of either a Baby Collection (one Baby Wipe Juice, one Booty Balm, and one bar of Calendula Baby Soap); a Summer Collection (one Hey You. Shoo. bug spray, one Lemongrass Lotion Bar, one Garden Scrub soap, and one Healing Lip Balm); a Mama Collection (one small Lavender Organic Sugar Scrub, one Mama Massage Oil, one Belly Balm, and one Citrus Lip Balm), or a Soap Collection (your choice of any six naked soaps).

To participate leave a comment below and we'll draw a winner on Monday, July 19th.

Want to earn lots of extra entries? (Yes, even if you aren't on Facebook!) Enter one comment for each of the below that you do: Leave an honest review of any LuSa Organics products that you've used in the Cosmetics Database, Diaper Pin, or any other forum you can think of or share a link to the giveaway on your favorite parenting or natural lifestlye discussion board. Retweet this post to Twitter. Become a fan of Clean on Facebook; become a fan of LuSa Organics on Facebook; or repost this giveaway to your FB page. Edited to add: Blog a link to this giveaway! Enter once for each of the above that you do. 

Comments are now closed. I'll announce the winner shortly!

And to celebrate our most successful season ever, enjoy free standard US shipping on all LuSa Organics orders over $50.00 (this week only!). Use coupon code "SUMMER" before July 20, 2010. (Be sure to select "Free Shipping" as your shipping method after you've entered the code. International customers: email for a reduced shipping rate!)


LuSa Organics is Growing.

I don't talk about my business very much here, aside from a few ads scattered around the page. But there is a buzzing in the business today that is preoccupying my brain this morning.

I just got out of the shower. I was in there way too long to call myself an environmentalist today. But the soap. I love our soap. (Sure, I am biased, but I am a bit of a snob about the products that we use and the food that we eat. If I didn't make this soap I would buy it every time. It's that good.)

There was a new bar in there that I hadn't used for a while (Calendula Baby Soap) and it was so amazing that I just kept washing up. This got me to thinking about all of the other people who are enjoying our soap this very moment (or our sugar scrubs or our belly balm or countless other products) and out of curiosity I checked our order history for the week.

Is it the power of my Manifestation post or was this just an exceptional week?

Something is stirring in LuSa land. In the past few days we've sent
product to Arizona, North Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Quebec, Alberta,
Minnesota, New York, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, California, Indiana,
Vermont and Pennsylvania. Oh. And Columbia. And Great Britian. (And a
few weeks back Costa Rica and New Zealand.)


In previous months more than 90% of our orders were local or regional, sent to customers the upper Midwest. But now… now our organic soap is inspiring decadently long showers and our Booty Balm and Baby Wipe Juice are soothing wee bums from coast-to-coast and around the globe. That feels wonderful. I can't wait to see what comes in next.

In celebration I am offering a two-day coupon code for you to enjoy. Who knows – maybe your first-time order will put us on the map in your part of the world.

Go to the LuSa Organics website and enter coupon code HEREweGROW to receive free standard shipping on any order over $50. Coupon is valid through May 1, 2010. (Free shipping cannot be combined with other coupons or offers. Free shipping can not be added to existing or already shipped orders.) 


And if you've never tried our products before know that everything we make is guaranteed to be the best and most delightful you've ever used or we'll take it back and refund you – without a fuss.

To all of our existing customers – thank you for believing in us and trusting us with this most important job of helping care for your family. I am honored to know that my products are in your nursery, your bathroom, your diaper bag, your pocket and your purse. Truly honored. Thank you.



P.S. We're giving away a wonderful children's book tomorrow – The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly, sponsored by A Toy Garden. Check back with us!

Giveaway (& free shipping) : : LuSa Organics

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Hello you new readers out there. I wanted to take a moment for introductions. I am Rachel Wolf, author to this little blog and owner of LuSa Organics. Today I am hosting my own giveaway (for a $25 gift certificate), so read on for details.

If I had to choose a single word to describe myself it would be passionate. I am passionately a mother, attachment parent, homeschooler, photographer, partner, writer, crafter, cook, gardener, nature-girl, and small business owner.

That's the short list.


My husband Pete and I founded LuSa Organics in 2007 after nearly a decade of a body care production on a hobby-scale. LuSa Organics is named after our two children, Lupine and Sage. Our best-selling Baby Care Line even bears an illustration of Sage at age two. And since we homeschool and run a home-based business? All these aspects of my life are woven so closely together that I can hardly tell one part from the next. Indeed. This is a family business in every sense.


We handcraft organic body care using the finest ingredients and the best chi around. LuSa has been featured twice in Mothering Magazine for our Mama and Baby Care lines and my craft projects have been recently featured on Whip Up, Crafty Crow, and Living Crafts Magazine.


It's a funny mix: crafty blog/organic body care business. But its my world. And my passion.

Since so many of you are new to LuSa I wanted to welcome you with one-day-only free standard US shipping on all LuSa Organics orders over $35.00. (Returning customers? This is the one you keep asking for! Enjoy.) Use coupon code "clean" on Saturday February 20th only.

And the Giveaway? Everyone loves a giveaway. Me especially. To participate simply leave a comment below with the name of a LuSa Organics product that you'd love to try and we'll draw a winner on Monday.

Invite your friends!