A Lantern Walk.









November. Where I live it's dark out long before we've cleared the dinner dishes. And we've still another month to go before the days are at their shortest and the light slowly returns. This season most evenings are quietly spent indoors – with books, toys, knitting, and conversation. This shift feels natural to me. Healthy even.

But we still do venture out.

Last night the we enjoyed a fall lantern walk with dear friends. The children enjoyed the freedom and responsibility of carrying the lanterns with lit candles, and we explored a bit in the darkness of November.

I shared how we made the lanterns here with a variation using glass jars over here. (Just add a wire loop for a handle in the second post.) Or use what you have on hand in your candle collection. Just be sure to have something that blocks the wind, and pop a box of matches and a few extra votives in your pocket, just in case.


I hope you are inspired and make some to take out with your little ones. This is an activity that is much bigger than its parts. It borders on magical in my eyes. So go out and shine your lanters into the November Night. You are, after all, a glimmering spark in the darkness.

P.S. If you are looking for more lantern walk inspiration, Google "Martinmas Waldorf Festival" and you should find some good leads.