Giveaway: Elizabeth Pantley No Cry Separation Anxiety Solution

I have a confession. I burn books.

Yes. Really. You see, sometimes I see a book that I wish had never been published. So far there have only been a couple and they have been baby sleep training books. If I come upon a book at a thrift store or garage sale that – to my gentle parenting sensibilities -  is something I think babies would prefer their parents don't read, I am compelled to buy it, take it home and add it to my kindling box. A tip off is seeing a phrase like "your baby is manipulating you" somewhere in the highlights on the back cover. I imagine some sleep deprived mama stumbling into the book section at the thrift store and through glazed eyes and desperation thinking, "Maybe this will work." While I can not buy and burn every copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting (that would be my whole thirfting budget), I can remove the most offensive.

There. Confession complete.

I think I do it because there was once a time when I was really, unbelievably exhausted. Tired just doesn't convey the feeling. I think some of you know what I mean. When Sage was a baby he woke ever twenty minutes. For two and a half years. He had an undiagnosed food allergy, but we thought he was just a light/fussy sleeper. I think I rolled with it pretty well, but frankly my memory might be sketchy. I wasn't sleeping after all.

I purchased Elizabeth's first book, the No Cry Sleep Solution when Sage was 8 months old (for obvious reasons). It was a wonderful resource for us. We used some of her techniques with Sage and then also with Lupine to ease our nights gently and responsively. While it didn't cause Sage to sleep through the night until we solved his food issues, it gave us a toolbox full of nurturing, gentle tricks and tips to ease us into longer stretches of rest.

No Cry SLEEP cover

Elizabeth has been busy since her first book was published. Today she is giving away a signed copy of her tenth book – the No Cry Separation Anxiety Solution to one lucky winner. (I might just need a copy of that one myself…) Below is my interview with Elizabeth.


Clean: How long have you been writing?

EP: I’ve
been writing books for parents since 1996 – my 10th book was
just released this month!

Clean: What inspired you to go into this line of work?

EP: When I became a mother it changed my life in every way possible. I found that
being a parent and helping other parents find more joy in their lives was where
I was meant to be.

Clean: How do you believe you and your business are bringing good into the world?

EP: Over a million readers have been touched by my No-Cry Solution books, and I
receive hundreds of letters every week. I am always touched to hear how my
ideas have helped their families live happier more peaceful lives.

Clean: What else should we know?

EP: I’m on Facebook – and I hope everyone will come join me there!

No Cry SEP ANX cover

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Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your gentle thoughts with us through your books.

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~ xo ~ Rachel