Old school Play

I love that despite my mysterious two-week disappearing act, you all keep showing up to see what's going on. So patient! I am grateful for the love.

Last week we traveled to Milwaukee to visit my family and do LuSa Organics demos at the coops. My mom's computer didn't live up to my expectations and I bailed on the posting I had planned while I was away. But we're back!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Our week was full with city/suburban activities, like a visit to Lake Michigan collecting rocks with my high-school best friend and her son, a Milwaukee Brewer's game, and a birthday celebration for Sage.  My family (bless their hearts) doesn't go gift-crazy, so the party consisted of three (and only three) perfect gifts: a solar car kit, a kite, and a scooter.

Sage ran himself to exhaustion flying his kite up and down the road at my folk's house, the path I remember running at the same age with my kite, a blue owl with red eyes that still hangs out in our garage.


And the scooter? What can I say. My mom scored this gently used (and therefore, by my quirky reuse standards "Ethically  Neutral") rockin' scooter off of Craigslist. Seriously. Cool. Scooter. I wish it was my size. Sage has barely gotten off of it for meals and sleep since he received it.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

The unexpected highlight of our week came in the form of some familiar old school play that we stumbled into. Visiting the park with the kids one day I head a familiar sound that I hadn't heard since middle school. Something of a SSSSSHHHHHWWWWOOSHHHHH! I knew what it was the second I heard it.


Model rockets!

In my geeky 7th grade year I was the only girl in model rocket club. I painted my rocket sky blue, and it disappeared into the bright spring sky the second that the fuse lit, never to be seen again. (Light blue? Really? What was I thinking?)

We ran across the park to the father and son who were setting them off and they let us help with their final launch. And Sage was hooked. (Let's be honest. I was too, all over again.) He was committed to saving the thirty-some dollars to buy his own kit.

Sage, however, is a powerful manifestor.

The very next day we found a brand new model rocket kit with a $30 price tag still on it at a rummage sale for $1. Seriously. Who has ever seen a model rocket at a rummage sale? That kid blows my mind. He's a little Law of Attraction workshop every day. 


We spent the week assembling it and then headed off to my old grade school to launch it. 


After the first launch we drew in two squad cars. I thought we were being busted until the cop got out of his car and shouted, " I haven't head that sound since I was a kid!" He hung out to observe our final launch (and in "small world" form, after chatting we discovered that we went to high school together).


Model rockets? Yeah, we're definitely hooked. May your week bring some equally unexpected surprises your way.