Children learn what they live.

It has been our goal to live our lives and parent our children from a place of gentle love and kindness. I think we're doing pretty well as we enter into our seventh year of parenting. The learning curve has been steep, but we're sticking with it and getting better all the time.

Sometimes I see our children's play as holding up a mirror to our lives to show us how we're doing. When its right on it feels so good. (This is not to say that their isn't play here that is all about death, fighting, domination, and poop. But sometimes you see just what you're looking for.)

Below is a peek into Lupine's world of play…


A tired Beanie and Lupine snuggle in the rocking chair.


Then a little nursing before Beanie falls asleep.


And the babies, mama, and papa snuggle up in "the big bed" because the doll cradle is too small to fit them all.

Here is wishing you a day where the mirror held up to your life makes you smile.