Go Outside and Play


We strive to get outside and play everyday at home. Once, twice, sometimes three times with warm-ups in between. At home that can be a struggle at times. The backyard is only so interesting and town is, well, town. But when you are here:




us all outside is beyond easy. We spent our time on thick ice on the
river, tromping through the woods, and playing games in the snow.

The highlight of the week for us all was a long hike past the spot where Pete and I got married (nearly a decade ago!). This grove of hemlock trees looks majestically over the river valley. The hill drops sharply to the river and rises steeply to its crest high above the trees.


The hike alone would have been ample, but with a recent warm spell the snow was crusted with a thick layer of ice. Enter our juvenile spirits and behold:


butt sledding and belly sliding. These photos belie how fast we were
going. Sage hit the trail so fast once we had to grab him by the coat
to keep him from continuing straight down to the river.


 We slid and hiked and laughed to the point of exhaustion, then headed back to the cabin for dinner.