A Day with My Girl

A day alone with my three year old is an all-day-magic-fest.

Pete and Sage spent the day snowboarding and Lupine and I had an entire day to be girlie.


On her list:

1. Make cookies.

2. Sew.

3. Dress up as fairies and go out to lunch.


We did these things and she even threw in a spontaneous trip to the fabric store (This was not my idea. It was her's "Oh, mama. We need more fabric. We're using up so much. Let's walk to the fabric store!" A girl of my own heart.)


She also talked me into polishing our fingernails (who knew – I have polish), and glittering ourselves head-to-toe. Glitter? Sewing? Cookies? Fairy wings? This is my kind of day.


Soon I get a day alone with my boy. I am assuming it will involve a bit less fairy magic and allot more  raucous fun, and that works for me too.

I love these children with every ounce of my soul. I appreciate each of them for the unique gifts they bring our family. So different, so perfect. This one-on-one time is a poignant reminder of that.

Indeed. I am blessed that they chose me to be their mama.