Celebrations : : A Natural Birthday Party

Sage turned 7 yesterday. Seven! I have long viewed seven as a big year, and indeed it is already proving
to be so. He has expressed interest in homeschool group (something that
until now elicited a response of "That was fun, except for the
activities."), gymnastics, and fly tying.


Instead of a birthday party this year Sage asked to paddle the Kickapoo river with his family and one friend. We happily obliged. After our paddle, many of our birthday party traditions followed us to the Kickapoo.


We hung the Birthday Banner that goes up every year, handmade by Sage and I when he was 5.


We read Sage's birthday story (our version of a
Waldorf Rainbow Bridge story). In this tale we observe the
sweet highlights of Sage's journey from spirit boy to seven-year old. As the story unfolds we light a candle for each passing year. (The empty candle-spaces are held by homemade wood and felt peg people.)


After the story and dinner we enjoyed birthday cupcakes (topped with midnight-sewn felt cupcake toppers, inspired by these).


We ate cake, we sang, we laughed, and we gathered around the campfire. Then we collapsed into our tent, exhausted.

I can't think of a nicer way to spend this important day.