More Babies. (Waldorf doll babies, that is.)


Does this qualify as an obsession yet? I think we have enough dolls, and yet… they keep arriving. "The twins" came into our world while we were at the cabin. Lupine and I had planned the one with the green eyes, above, as our cabin project together. When I packed the sewing supplies I asked Sage if he wanted one. Um, no.

But then we made her and when Sage saw her he melted. And gushed. And was very much not this almost-eight-year-old boy that I know. He even begged. And I had of course brought extra doll skin and wool, just in case. So I made him one, too. He insisted that she have exactly the same hair and look just like Lupine's (but with blue eyes).

The second doll was born, with lots of sewing and tying up help from Sage.


For whatever reason – perhaps their small size – the kids adore them. And I adore making them. I really
wish we needed like fifty dolls. That would rock. 

Do you have any idea how easy these are? So easy. I've made bunches of dolls before, but these each took me one evening. One evening. So for those new to doll making, double it. Or heck, quadruple it. It still isn't much time. And the finished product will melt hearts. Yours included. (Don't be mislead – I
really make them for me.)