Homemade Pretzels.


Pretzels. Homemade soft pretzels. These use to be something of an obsession for Pete and I before Sage was born. After our son's arrival, however, yeasted dough became an absurdity in the context of life with this colicky babe. (Deep knee bends and "shuuuusssshhhhhhh" sounds don't lend themselves to hand kneading nor fishing dough out of boiling water.) By the time the colic passed we had pretty much forgot about them.

Today our pretzels have returned.


My kids saw these on Crafty Crow and didn't know what they were. Seriously. They'd never seen a soft pretzel before. Within moments we had our aprons on (Ahem. Impossibly cute Lupine-size thrifted apron from a recent outing. Adorable.). We pulled out an old recipe card from Pete's and my early life and got busy proofing yeast.

DSC_0854 DSC_0876 DSC_0886
DSC_0902 DSC_0907

My original recipe came from Martha Stewart. It has been modified over the past decade to morph, like any living recipe, into what now is. Basically we substitute freshly ground spelt and rye for 1/2 of the wheat flour and use white spelt for the balance. Instead of kosher salt we use some wonderful Celtic Sea salt (you can find some at your coop. It is mineral rich and delicious).

What food-loves have you recently rediscovered?