Too Much Thirfting.

Is that even possible?

I find myself wandering into garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets with an alarming a delightful frequency of late. I think I may be feeling a little nesty about transforming my space. We dream of moving to our perfect homestead in the country, but for now we are here – in town. I suspect all this thrifting is about making this house to feel as perfect as possible until we move to our farm.

Old treasures come charged with history, energy, and a story of their own. 99% of the time I would prefer something used over something new (underwear and toothbrushes may be my only exceptions).

I guess for me thrifting is as much about the hunt and the treasure as it is about the story. The history. The secrets. Whose table have these graced? What scenes have they watched unfold?

Below are the finds from the past week or two.


My rooster obsession continues with these three cups (two for eggs and the third for salt, I suspect).


I paid under $4 for this vintage Frankoma
tea set. My grandparents ate off of Frankoma dishes (which I now have
in a box in the basement to use again when the kids are older).
Frankoma has been a top thrifting weakness since I was in high school.
And the yellow is so sweet. I've been having my tea out of this little
pot each morning.



I'm not sure I can even express how much I love this tiny woodland pitcher. A stump and a gnome? Straight to my Waldorf/Nature nerd heart.


And perhaps my favorite find of all are these two paper cuts. There is a water spot on one of the mattes so I think I'll paint them to match the wall I hang them from.



I'm over the moon about these. I've passed them up at our local flea market since Mother's Day because of the water spot. I finally negotiated on the price and took them home for $2.50 a piece. I think I was giggling. 

I suspect there will be more thrifting in store this weekend…


I have been enjoyed some fruitful thrifting trips recently, some with my kids and one – amazingly – solo. Solo-thrifting, as a mama who spends very little time alone, is both a blessings and a curse. I tend to get caught up in either hurrying or clock-watching and don't lose myself like I use to, but am still giddy at being there alone, wandering through the treasures.

Maybe I just need more practice. I have one more solo-thrift coming this afternoon on my way to collect my kids and my goal is to be present in the moment and find some fabulous treasures.

Here are a couple of finds from recent trips.


100% wool sweater in the most soft, gorgeous yarn I've ever seen. (The question is, wear it or unravel it and knit something new? Likely both will happen. I'll wear it for a while and then repurpose it next season.)



This vintage terracotta teapot was all of $4.00. The little chick handle on the teapot is too much. I fell in love with it and now the kids are thrilled to have their own teapot (to go with their Japanese rooster mugs).

Or they were supposed to have their own teapot. Though they keep asking why it is full of black tea.


And one more piece of vintage yellow pottery for my collection. Though I am subject to many obsessions, only yellow pottery has become an actual collection. 


I have maybe 25 pieces and counting and love every one. Some gifts, some antiqued, some scrounged. They are my true-thrifty-vintage love.

Why the second-hand obsession?

1. History: The pieces carry someone else's story, someone's past. To pick up a handmade quilt stitched with love and focus is to hold a stranger's story in your hands. For me that is beautiful.

2. Ethics: second hand goods, by my estimation are ethically neutral. It is non-consumptive consumption, so to speak. 

3. Sport: it's all about the hunt.

So I am off (alone!). If I find any amazing treasures today I'll share them with you soon.