Happy May Day!

an amazing Beltane! I hope you all enjoyed the transition into high
spring this weekend. May marks the peak of my favorite time of year.
The sunshine; the flowers; the garden; the wild foods; the potential.

spend every May Day in Minneapolis St Paul where we exhibit at the
Living Green Expo. The event is always a successful (and fun) show and
it aligns with the May Day parade each year. Bonus.

In the Cities May Day is
a community event that is imagined, created, and performed by an
amazing group of people from all walks of life. It is a beautiful
reminder of what we can do when we combine our creativity, focus, and






And you know me. I couldn't help but stalk the babywearers in the
parade. How rad is this mama? A homemade leafy green wrap to carry her
wee flower bud in. * Love. *



And inspiring weekend to be sure. Happy Beltane to all.

Below is the winner of Tiptoes Lightly. Congratulations, Casey who said:

Liz —
Try making a wishlist somewhere mainstream, like Amazon, where you can
pull quality natural toys from all kinds of websites. That's what I did
for Christmas last year and it worked nicely for extended family. 🙂