Putting the Garden to Bed.

Yesterday the sun was shining. At first, we experienced confusion. (What was that burning yellow orb?) And then – a four person race to the door. 


We dug. We raked. We hauled. We pulled. We harvested. We composted. We played. We mulched.

We gardened.

It was what I have been hungry for all autumn long. Outside all day, we had to force ourselves in for chili and bed after the sun went down. The children slept solid for nearly twelve hours. (That's a sure sign of a wonderful day.)


The kids were focused and engaged with the earth. Lupine, after taking fist-fulls of mulch to "tuck the worms into their beds" found time for one last naked romp in the hose.


Sage, after digging (then filling) a massive hole that he suspected might reveal a "treasure chest full of gold, gems, and all the Legos I've ever wanted" did some woodworking out in the fresh air.


And me? Aside from all of that gardening, I had a sweet place to sit when Lupine needed to connect…Our new/old vintage shell chairs!


We trash picked these four chairs around the time Sage was born. They
were rusty and falling to pieces. I have been sanding and painting for, well, seven years. Today they are done! And we're finally
ready to relax.

Soon they will be joined by two more and a round metal table. The two newcomers belonged to my great grandmother and were a gift from my dad.

Let's hope the weather holds so that we can enjoy them – and the sunshine – for a few more days…