Art Outside.

The kids and I take a weekly adventure to an undisclosed place. It is a chance for us to get us out and exploring an old favorite place, visit far-away friends, or explore new locations. (I introduced you to our "Mystery Trips" here.)

Yesterday's Mystery Trip took us to one of our favorite parks, fifteen minutes or so from town. We swam, played frisbee, and
frolicked in the water playing with rocks. Cold, quiet, and just right.
And then – like magic – friends happened by. Way out in the country,
miles from town. When no one knew we were there. These mystery days are each magical in their own way.


I sometimes bring a homeschooling activity along on a Mystery Trip to do at the end of our adventure. Yesterday I packed some tiny art notebooks, watercolor paper, painting boards and watercolors.

After our friends left we spread out the supplies on a picnic table. Alongside the river, soaking up the late summer sunshine the three of us painted in mostly silence, each of us engrossed in our own work.




After a rough morning with two tired, sweaty kids, it was the perfect way to cool off and unwind in the afternoon. So simple, but so profound for all three of us. We are always transformed by time spent so well as this.


We'll be back on that picnic table before the weekend is through, I suspect. Sage is begging to come back and set up a tent here for a night or two this weekend. After our experience there yesterday I think he'll get his wish.