Cabin Craft (translation: more dolls).


Vacation means less time in the work of life and more time in the play. At the cabin last week that transferred into drinking coffee and tea all day, sewing, knitting, and otherwise creating. 


Pete and the kids tied flies in preparation for the coming fly fishing season.



All the while I was sewing and knitting, working on kitty cat hat number four and Waldorf doll number… seven? Eight? (I've lost count.)




This trip was the first time I have traveled with a sewing machine. We brought Sage's machine along as it is portable and it was a delight to be able to sew on vacation. I packed one suitcase of supplies and we were able to spend some wonderful hours looking out over the river, stitching away.



We made a new doll, Mimi Mama Mama ("She had one Mimi and two Mamas," says Ms. Lupine.) and I think I love this one most of all. She is huge, nearly 20" tall. Her hair is three yarns, one handspun that I picked up on Etsy, one Irish wool I found at a thrift store and some brown mohair.

She has the jointed arms and traditional Waldorf doll body (and of course, a nose). Her sisters will be on Etsy soon, so let me know if anyone has a special order. I love making dolls! Especially at the cabin.