Waldorf Doll Making: I am a bit obsessed.

"Lavender" is the latest baby in our home. After I made this baby for Craft Hope Sage was determined to talk me into one for him.


It didn't take much talking into. He was sleeping with her unfinished head that very night and head plus body the next. 


He wanted her to be small ("sleeping-with size") with reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. I made her with jointed arms and a traditional Waldorf doll body. (This will be my go-to body form from now own. So sweet.) Sage helped me with the head and the nose and sewed on the mouth himself. Her neck is a little wrinkly for my liking but whatever. We love her.

She is stuffed her with a combination of wool and organic lavender. She smells
delicious. (Which at our house borders on the absurd. We are surrounded by gallons upon gallons of essential oils here, living at LuSa Organics
headquarters. The bank ladies fight for who gets to enter our deposits
because we "have the best smelling checks".)


Tomorrow? We're making clothes.

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I've added an Etsy toolbar at right for my brand-new-almost-still-empty Etsy shop. Some babies like the one above will find their way there soon. Not to be pushy or anything. But just so you know.

Children learn what they live.

It has been our goal to live our lives and parent our children from a place of gentle love and kindness. I think we're doing pretty well as we enter into our seventh year of parenting. The learning curve has been steep, but we're sticking with it and getting better all the time.

Sometimes I see our children's play as holding up a mirror to our lives to show us how we're doing. When its right on it feels so good. (This is not to say that their isn't play here that is all about death, fighting, domination, and poop. But sometimes you see just what you're looking for.)

Below is a peek into Lupine's world of play…


A tired Beanie and Lupine snuggle in the rocking chair.


Then a little nursing before Beanie falls asleep.


And the babies, mama, and papa snuggle up in "the big bed" because the doll cradle is too small to fit them all.

Here is wishing you a day where the mirror held up to your life makes you smile.

Waldorf Dollmaking, modified.


Remember Beanie? (She's the one above in the pleather shoes, matted hair, and denim jumpsuit. There has long been disagreement if Beanie is a girl or boy, but Lupine and I are clear – she's a girl.)

She's been with us since, oh, 1975 but in earnest since Lupine found her in a box in the basement in 2008. She's been loved. Loved with a capital L. Loved to the point of losing her beanies all over our bed, our car, and the coop floor on a daily basis. There is only so much mending you can do before a denim jumpsuit simply gives way to decay.


 And so it became clear last night that Beanie's androgynous jumpsuit days were over. Lupine slept with her tied inside a small cloth bag for one last night ("Look at her new dress!" Lupine called out, proving her eternal flexibility) and then we decided that we'd do some surgery. Beanie was going to get a new body. 

And so, the next morning… I cut her head off.


I did it with my sharpest shears and with one (worried) eye on my three year old ("Beanie's gonna be really freaky!" she called, a smile all over her face). It was scary, yes – for me. (Who among you has beheaded not only their own but also their child's most beloved plaything?! Normal people don't do these things.)

At that point there was no turning back.


Using a Waldorf doll pattern as my jumping off point, I drew up a new pattern (sized to match Beanie's body) and sewed up new legs, torso, and arms. It was harried but Lupine (and Beanie) was steady all the while.


In the end, I breathed a sigh of relief as her head attached firmly to her shoulders and Lupine swept her up in her arms and danced away with her through the house. Beanie is now part Waldorf doll stuffed with millet and wool (rather than matted polyester and plastic pellets) and part old-school Mattel, bearing Beanie's dreaded head and eternal plastic smile. 


Considering the basket of (head-to-toe) Waldorf dolls at his disposal, Sage fell for her surprisingly hard after her surgery. He's asked me to thrift another Beanie, cut off her head, and make him one too. Hmmm…I think that's sweet, but its all been so confusing…

And now? Beanie needs clothes. Lupine and Sage are both obsessed over her new wardrobe. And nowhere on the request list is a denim jumpsuit either.

P.S. What were my grandparents thinking? Though I don't remember her this way, this is apparently what she (he?!) looked like new. Disco inferno!