A Small Waldorf Doll


Although LuSa is our livelihood, crafting just for the passion of crafting is key to my sanity. Last night I got a bug about figuring out how to add a nose to a Waldorf doll.

And I figured it out! I used this tutorial for just the nose portion, fixing it with Tacky Glue on the layer beneath the skin so that it will hold well even if she gets wet.


This is the first doll I have made with a nose and I love the sweetness it adds to her face.

I sewed her with doll skin leftover from another doll ("Gaia Baby", seen here), stretch velour left from another doll ("Irie Baby", seen occasionally as well), and wool batting purchased locally at Paper Scissors Stone. The basic instructions I use are varied, though I have a copy of the Magic Cabin Dolls instructions and I reference Kinder Dolls for hair, clothing, and body details.


Really, I could make dolls all day. This baby is going up on the Etsy Craft Hope site for funds for Haiti. (The other items we listed from LuSa Organics sold out quickly. Thanks everyone who made a purchase.)


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! See you on Monday.

Note: If you are interested in hearing when this doll goes live in the Etsy store just let me know and I will be sure to post.

Edit: She is live in the store at www.crafthope.etsy.com!

Edit 2: Nevermind. She sold within minutes. (Awesome!) If anyone else wants one let me know and I'll put some in my personal Etsy Shop.