Crafting with Kids

You might remember this quilt from over a year ago. I started it when Sage was two and abandoned the directions completely. Perhaps a poor decision, but patterns and directions are so… boring.

However had I followed the directions (on this my first quilt) I would not have been left with a pile of odd-sized quilt squares, wondering how to move forward.

After five years I finally finished enough blocks (and squared them up to like sizes – no small feat) to make a lap quilt for our family room. (Sage long ago rejected the fabric as too "babyish" so the quilt has been repurposed into something for us to snuggle under when we read books by the fire.)


I carefully laid out all of the quilt block on the floor and was getting the order just right when help arrived.

"Oh! Now we can play ring around the rosey!"


And so we did.



It's hard for me to remember what it was like to craft without kids.
Was there more order? Predictability? Control? Probably, but then I
didn't have so many reasons for crafting. It wasn't as much a way of
life then as it was just something I did for the fun of it, like
snowboarding or making photos; gardening or baking bread.


Given the choice I will take my quilt squares scattered with the winds as long as there is someone in the background singing "All fall down!" in a voice as sweet as a dream. To hell with control. Just give me a little one to wrap up in love.