Crafting Supplies: Wooden Bits

Our favorite craft supplies run the gambit from acorn caps to bits of wool and fabric to old boxes and cans. We have recently come upon something that provides us with hours of creative creation that I wanted to share.

Behold, the Wooden Bits.


We picked up a box of Assorted Wood Cutouts and Assorted Wood Pieces from Casey's Wood Products. (This is also where we purchased the peg people and acorns shown here.) They are sold by the pound and I see they now carry an assortment of "Bird Toys" which are essentially wooden beads and wheels. (We'll definitely be ordering those next time!)


Our Wooden Bits (as they are know around here) have become game pieces, painted dollhouse accessories, farm animals, building blocks, presents, ornaments, bombs, airplanes, and fences (off the top of my head). This week Sage helped Lupine with the gluing and she made a sucker and some cookies for her play kitchen while he did some science experiments and made a table for the fairies.


While free/found/pre-cycled craft supplies are our go-to items, these purchased cutouts and turnings are a wonderful addition. And biodegradable no less (before the hot glue anyway).