Babywearing Celebration Day 5: In My Wrap’s Embrace


Babywearing Wrap Rap by Casey Umhoefer (To the tune of Gangsta's Paradise)

I take a look at my kids, and realize they need a wrap!

Cause they've been fussin' and yawnin so long that
Even their mama thinks that wrap time has come.
But I ain't never wrapped a kid that didn't just love it
Baby left to cry alone, you know that's unheard of
You better wrap up your babies, while the time lasts
For you know that kids all grow up too fast
I really love to gaze at my baby's face
As they grow I see them happy, in my wrap's embrace.
I'm the kinda lady little kiddies wanna be with
In my wrap in the night
Lullabies in the dim light


Been spending most our lives living in a Wrapper's Paradise
Been spending most our lives living in a Wrapper's Paradise
Keep spending most our lives living in a Wrapper's Paradise
Keep spending most our lives living in a Wrapper's Paradise
So here's the situation, they got me facin'
I can't live a stroller life, I want my hands to be free
So I gotta be down with the wrap team
Too much time on TheBabyWearer got me chasin' dreams
I'm an educated mom with wraps on my mind
Got health studies in my hand and a gleam in my eye
I'm an attached mama, keepin' my kids from danger
And my babies are happy, so don't arouse my anger, fool
My baby ain't nuthin but a heart beat away
I'm livin life as a mama, what can I say?
I've done my research, studied but is wearing best for babies?
The way that they're smilin' I just know


I'll tell you how to be, a kind mom, AP

The ones you love, should be wrapped, you see.
Been spending most our lives living in a Wrapper's Paradise
Been spending most our lives living in a Wrapper's Paradise
Keep spending most our lives living in a Wrapper's Paradise
Keep spending most our lives living in a Wrapper's Paradise

Didymos and Storchenwiege, Neobulle and Elleville
Natibaby, Lana, Hoppediz, oh mama!
Every wrap is different, but half of them ain't for me
Which one should I choose, guess I'll have to try three…
They say I got ta learn, but nobody's here to teach me,
Videos on YouTube, forums online can reach me!
Front Wrap Cross Carry; the Double Hammock

Take action shots; that's the only way to get a good critique, fool…

Been spending most our lives living in a Wrapper's Paradise
Been spending most our lives living in a Wrapper's Paradise
Keep spending most our lives living in a Wrapper's Paradise
Keep spending most our lives living in a Wrapper's Paradise

I'll tell you how to be, a kind mom, AP
The ones you love, should be worn, you see.

Baby Steps for our Babies

There were loads of comments about the double-babywearers yesterday! Okay, okay. I was one of them (in the flowered hat) and it was a one-time deal with my and my friends' one year olds. (With kids nearly 4 1/2 years apart, there's not much need for double wraps in my house!) The other mama with the green sling (and Casey, shown above) are legitimate frequent double-baby wearers. Rad.

Seeing mamas like these inspires me to take my own babysteps towards my mama goals. For me that's more effective gentle parenting (NVC). For you it might be mastering your wrap or sling for the first time. 


Many thanks to all of you who have been sharing links on your blogs, facebook pages, and twitter. We're causing a stir! So many inspired parents, so much positive energy around wearing our little ones. People seem positively encouraged.

I just had to share this one beautiful example of the power of your comments, photos and essays. On Monday Lisa H. Said:

Before my son was born (3 months ago, yesterday) I was sure that I would wear him everywhere. No baby would change my normal schedule. Ha! Silly me. The first 2 months we struggled with a breastfeeding issue (which I successfully conquered!) and I just can't seem to get the hang of the couple slings we were given (one of them being the recalled one, yikes!). My husband uses a homemade ring sling with much success, but it doesn't seem to be for me…I so want to have a beautiful picture with my little Fritz like the ones you have on your site!

On Wednesday Lisa said:

I want to be a Super Mama! And give my tired arms a break from 3 months of holding. This week's blog has inspired me to find a better sling and start my babywearing adventure!

And her comment yesterday:

Success! After following this babywearing week blog, I started to feel a little braver. My husband and I went to the Wildlife Sanctuary a little bit ago and he (the ring sling pro) helped me get it on and adjusted, and then loaded little Fritz in. He didn't scream! And then he fell asleep!I have never enjoyed a walk more. And then it started raining, nothing better than a walk in a warm rain! I just put the sling's tail over baby's head, and he never even woke up. Not sure the ring sling is for me, but it was still incredible! Oh, and did I mention the sun came out at the end and there was a rainbow? Perfect!!!


 How awesome is that!? I am smiling from ear to ear, Lisa. Congratulations, Super Mama! 



The Giveaways

Today is a pretty fabulous giveaway day as well. We have a Gypsy Mama Wrapsody Water Wrap, a gorgeous Didymos, and the final copy of Tummy 2 Tummy. We'll have one more round of giveaways tomorrow, so be sure to pop by to see what's in store (including a subscription to Mothering Magazine and a mama/toddler sling set, generously made and donated by a friend (thanks, D!) .

If you haven't already done so, leave a comment on the previous day's posts! (You can enter once every day, so if you've missed our first givewaways the comments are still open.) All will close on Saturday at midnight, CST. To be entered, simply leave a comment here.

Comments are closed. I'll announce winners later this week!

Didymos Interview

I've been enamored with Didymos wraps since Sage was a baby. They are the top of the line woven wrap on the market by many standards. However I never made the investment in one of these arguably wonderful wraps. Two babies later, I wish that I had. Now I have the knowledge (and confidence) to know that a few yards of fabric can't beat me – but rather, can free me.

1. What is your company and how long have you been in business?

Didymos: I started with DIDYMOS in 1972, shortly after my twins Tina and Lisa were born. I was completely unfamiliar with baby wearing and it took almost 20 years to really establish this original way of babycare in Europe.


Clean: What makes your carrier one of the best?

Didymos: I have never made any compromises with respect to quality and have always striven to find ecological ways of manufacturing and ecological sources. That is why we put emphasis in manufacturing exclusively in Germany or neighboring countries. We think it is important to point out that it was DIDYMOS to introduce the typical baby wrap fabric which is elastic in diagonal but firm in straight direction. Moreover, we were the first to develop and introduce the sizing and shape (tapered ends) which are used for almost all baby wraps nowadays.

Clean: Why do you believe caregivers wear their babies?

Didymos: It is the most natural way of transporting and caring for a baby. Being always close to your body, your baby feels safe and secure and helps him/her to develop a deep confidence of being welcome, accepted and looked after.

Clean: Any Babywearing tips for beginners?

Didymos: Do not put too much pressure on you by trying to be perfect. It takes some exercise and practice, but every time you wear your baby, you will become more confident. Soon, baby wearing will be as easy as putting on a nappy, which sometimes,in the beginning, seemed to be a challenge, too.


Gypsy Mama Interview

My parenting style is pretty hands on. If my kids are distressed at something I am about to do (go to the coop by myself, take a shower, go get the mail all alone) I rarely do it. I'll take them along. Because of that I mastered the showering-with-baby thing when Sage was little. I also enjoyed taking my babes into the water (lake, pool, or river) when they were small. But hands free? That sounds like a dream. And safer, too. Gypsy Mama's Wrapsody Water Wrap sounds dreamy for mamas like me…

Clean: What is your company and how long have you been in business?

Gypsy Mama: I founded Gypsy Mama in 2004 with the goal of providing affordable gauze wraps to every family — I loved the ease and lightness of them.  When I separated from my husband a year later, I realized that if I could grow the company fast enough, I might still be able to stay at home with my little ones — and things worked out beautifully!  I have added several products during my 6 years in business, but the ones that stayed (and I personally love and use) are the Breeze Wrap, which is made from sturdy cotton gauze, the Water Wrap, which is a really unique product in our market — it wears like a supportive bathing suit for taking babies wading and in the shower, and the Stretch Wrap, which met my goal of  creating a wrap with all the benefits of stretch fabric but without losing the versatility woven wraps provide.

My commitment to uncompromised quality, a strong commitment to fair trade practices, and Gypsy Mama's ability to find unmet needs in the market that really set my carriers apart from others.


Clean: Why do you believe caregivers should wear their babies?

Gypsy Mama: I was initially drawn to babywearing after reading an article in 1999 linking sling use to higher IQ — that article led me to the "babywearing lifestyle," where many parents find convenience melts into attachment theory and instinctive parenting, and babywearing becomes as integral to parenting as sleep.

Clean: Any babywearing tips for beginners?
Gypsy Mama: Always be aware of your baby.  Listed to his or her cues, never cover her face, and be patient with yourself.  Like all aspects of parenting, babywearing takes time and practice.  If you or your baby don't quite get the hang of it at first, try again — and if possible, seek out someone with experience who can help you choose the right carrier for your needs and who can show you some tricks for using your carrier that may really make it work in a new way.
Clean: What else should we know about your company or babywearing in general?
Gypsy Mama: I really think babywearing is a keystone in facilitating healthy parents and children.  It solves so many problems and has so many benefits that I think soft carriers are as crucial to raising children as diapers or blankets.  Physically, psychologically, neurobiologically …. the benefits to both baby and caregiver cannot be understated.  I think parents should remember that they are babywearing experts and should not be shy about sharing the information they have with others who can benefit.

Gypsy Mama his offering $5 off any purchase over $50 through the end of April from their web store. Use coupon code LO2010.