About me…


Welcome! I’m glad you found your way to my space, whatever brought you here.

I am Rachel Wolf, homeschooling mother of two, owner of LuSa Organics, writer and crafty gal.

What I share here is a glimpse into our life.

I believe that each person is walking their own perfect path and I don’t think any one is better than the rest. This is just the way we’re doing it around here. 

You’ll find me blogging about peaceful parenting, simplicity, homeschooling, food preservation, and crafting of all sorts.

I live with my family in a quiet valley in rural western Wisconsin. We keep a few chickens, a few sheep, and enjoy our days out in the open air.

Each day I count my blessings for this life.

Enjoy your visit here.

I welcome your emails! Please know, however, that I can not reply to every one. I do read them all and treasure your words. You can send me a message here.



76 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Zoë says:

    Hi! And thank you for your blog. I check it daily and it helps keep me focused on how I wish to raise our family.
    A request: It’d be awesome to learn how to grow sprouts from you. Have you done it? Your step-by-steps are so easy to follow, I thought it was worth asking!!
    Thank you again from Boulder, Colorado

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Thanks for your kind note. Im so happy to hear that you enjoy coming here and find inspiration. I am happy to do a sprouting tutorial. I dont have one planned but the next time I sprout Ill put one together!


  3. Lindsay says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog, through another blog. I’m looking forward to coming back and checking you out again. I use your Lusa baby wipe juice, and absolutely love it! Thanks for a great product!!!

  4. katy says:

    I am so inspired by you and your family! Thank you for allowing me to live through you:) It is our dream to live somewhere small and more self sufficient. Someday we will get there, for now we are doing our best in the outskirts of seattle. Your family reminds me it is possible!

  5. Kat says:

    I have a son named Sage too… he’s 10 now and for the first three years of his life he had amazing little baby angel hair all long and blonde and curly. And yes, people thought he was a she… but I think mostly because I didnt dress him with trucks, or footballs, or dark blah colors.
    Nice to meet you and read your blog!

  6. Rachel Wolf says:

    Nice to meet you, too, Kat! Yes, I suppose my Sages pink fairy wings could have contributed to people thinking he was a girl. 😉 (He rarely wore those in public, so it had to have been more than just that…).

    We always dressed him pretty gender neutral as well, so Im sure folks have expectations of what boy clothes look like… Thanks for popping by!

  7. teryn says:

    I so love your blog … I started reading a couple of months ago, and it has become my new favorite 🙂 In our part of Texas, like-minded community is … um, somewhat lacking, so it is so nice to know there are people like you out there! Your posts are always a bright spot in my day!

  8. Rachel Wolf says:

    Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment. So glad you have found community here. Its hard to live without like-minded spirits around and you are blessed to have found your people online!
    ~ Rachel

  9. Bonnie McManus says:

    Hi: I’m trying to make the bubble wands for a group of kids who have lost a loved one and attend a Hospice grief group. Have used copper (18 gauge) and closed loops. It won’t hold the bubble. 🙁 Pipe cleaners work but I like the copper look. Any ideas??

  10. Rachel Wolf says:

    I would try a different bubble-juice recipe. Ive never had any problems with them holding bubbles with a similar gauge wire. Dawn Ultra is a good choice. Hope this helps! Sounds like an awesome program.


  11. Stephanie DeMaagd says:

    I just read your entry on re-covering your chairs…and I noticed the tag on the bottom of your chair said, “Grand Ledge, Michigan.” Well, that’s where I live! Just thought it was interesting… ; )

  12. Christina Fletcher says:

    Hi Rachel!
    I’m so glad you contacted me through my FB page, as it lead me to your blog! What a great thing you have going on here.
    I really relate to your life. We homeschool our girls, we love to be together 24/7 and we bought a rundown farm in order to enable it. Over the last few years we’ve been off grid (horrible footprint though as we could only swing a generator to charge our batteries for the time being), chickens, goats, organic gardens the whole bit. Its been an amazing adventure with our children… oh yeah almost forgot to mention our little boy was born unassisted in the upstairs bedroom. Yes, we have a lot in common!
    Anyway, I’ll reply to your post, but I’d love to have a giveaway of my book on your blog. Sounds great!
    Let me know how you want to do it and we’ll take it from there.

  13. Rachel Wolf says:

    So lovely, Christina! I look forward to getting to know you (and your work) more thorough time. We do have a great deal in common! Id love to give your book a read (I havent seen it yet, just discovered it)… Perhaps you could send me a copy and an additional one to give away? Then I can share my reflections on the book at the time of the giveaway. It just resonated so much with me and my knowing of my two kids and I would love to connect more parents with it. From my experience with Simplicity Parenting and the book club I am hosting, folks are so eager for guidance and light on their role as parents. If two books is too much I understand! Let me know your thoughts.

    Peace and blessings,

  14. Elaine Bush says:

    I’ve made a copy of your Boy Sun Hat and am excited about it. But in further reading I see you talk about 3 pattern pieces. I have a brim and the dimensions for the band but can not locate the pattern for the cylinder! Tried to e-mail you by going to the address by the pattern but find it did not go out!

  15. Melissa Brown says:

    Wow. Stumbled upon this through Tiny Tush and am truly in awe. Your life seems so beautiful and everything I hope to build! Congrats on the great job so far and the many years to come!!

  16. Willow says:

    I found your blog here while trying to figure out what to do about my 2 year old’s not so pearly white teeth. i haven’t tried out the toothpaste recipe yet but i have really enjoyed looking around this space and peeking in at your world. way to go mama! thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  17. Kate says:

    I love the description “Tired of people thinking our son was a girl (“but that hair?!”) (okay, so he is really pretty, but still).” Yup. Have one of those in my house too, over in our small town in northern michigan;)

  18. Genevieve says:

    You are an inspiration, and I love your blog. My ultimate goal is to find a small town somewhere (where we are accepted, key!) and raise my children, have animals, plant a garden. Right now I live in Southern California in the Desert, where running the A/C is a 200 day/year thing. My husband is building his business and we hope to someday be to the point where I can be an at-home mom, we really want to homeschool. Thanks for all you do, and for letting us all into your life a little bit. I love your tutorials – I may not be able to live my WHOLE life the way I dream, but I can bring little bits of that into the life I do live and still raise my children (one now but more to come we hope) with intentional non-violence, love, acceptance and fun.

  19. Amanda Okopski says:

    Hi! I found your blog last month when I was looking for Earth-friendly Easter egg hunt options. We made your wool felt eggs and they were great! So I’ve been checking in and reading your posts ever since, and I’m loving your blog. So I just checked out your “about” section and see that we may be more connected than I realized–I’m from Wisconsin–lived in Madison for years, and then moved to the driftless area. (We live in Iowa now–we moved 3 years ago.) I’ve used your products! And Gretchen Spicer delivered my two babies. And we long to move back to SW Wisconsin, and Viroqua would be close to heaven for us. It’s so cool to have found you on the World Wide Web, and I feel like a found another link back to home. Please keep writing and sharing–it’s wonderful. I’m Waldorf homeschooling my kids in somewhat of a vaccum and rely on online community to keep me going 😉
    xoxo Amanda

  20. Carole Anderson says:

    Kia ora Rachel! I stumbled across your delightful website when searching for natural whooping cough remedies and now I am hooked! I love reading your blog, often reading parts of your musings aloud to my partner. You are inspirational, thank you for sharing. I look forward to being a part of this wee online community 🙂 xx Carole

  21. Carrie says:

    I found your blog through a pin on pinterest for your toothpaste recipe. I just made the toothpaste and love it. My kids do too which is great! I’ve really loved looking around your blog so far, and am looking forward to reading your series on non-violent parenting.

  22. Julie Ricottone says:

    Rachel- What a refreshing site…. I am somewhere in the middle of wanting an organic fresh life,but being stuck with using modern conviences for time saving sake. I live in the middle of a city in Ontario, my husband and i have talked about getting off the grid raising chickens and a fresh organic garden. When did you start living this lifestyle? Were you raised “organic”? Or did you grow from knowing a bit but wanting more? For myself, I know natural is better but it’s reprogramming all that I have learned in my life growing up. It was definately not organic. Good home cooking is the extent. Thanks for your site, its great.

  23. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Julie,
    I would say that I was raised just outside of the realm of normal. My mom was really into nutrition so we lived differently than most of my friends did. We ate tofu and brown rice in the 1980s and had a garden. I was raised to question what Im told in a way, and that has led me here. All the best, Rachel

  24. Gloria DeNicola says:

    Greetings Rachel!
    I came to your blog while looking for a sesame spelt cracker recipe. I am a 67 year old woman living by myself on a small, organic homestead in Maine with fiber and dairy goats, chickens, turkeys dogs and a large greenhouse. Your blog is delightfully refreshing! As someone who has walked where you are walking I applaud and support you for all the great things you are doing to carve out a good life, demonstrating the right things for your children. Thank you for sharing your adventures, values, creativity and love with this community…you are an inspiration to all these young families and a joy for someone like me. Many blessings to you and your family..what you share goes far beyond what you know and hear, my friend..

    Sweet Peace Farm

  25. Gloria DeNicola says:

    Do it, Julie! I also grew up living the normal, middle class life. At 30 we moved to a rundown farm house in Maine and though my husband and children are now gone I am still here, living the good life by myself at 67. Just take one step at a time..you’ll never regret it and it’s not so overwhelming as you might think!

    Sweet Peace Farm
    Newport, Maine

  26. Mary Studt says:

    I found your blog looking for a thick, creamy eggnog recipe. I made yours, and it’s DELICIOUS! I’m going to try adding peppermint today. =) I really enjoyed reading your posts. I’m sure I’ll be back! Happy Thanksgiving!

  27. Mary Studt says:

    And you have a BEAUTIFUL family! You’re gonna have to keep a watchful eye on those gorgeous children once they’re teenagers! =)

  28. Tessa Wood says:

    As I read about your family, I smile to myself what a small world this is. I’m writing from an herbal company in Boulder, Colorado, where I work as the pregnancy and children’s category manager, but I am from LaCrosse, WI. and always talked about moving to Viroqua if I ever moved back to the area. I love it!
    Anyway, I’m writing now to inquire about advertising/affiliating with you. Please check out our website at http://www.wishgardenherbs.com and you can link to our blog from there (bottom right corner). We’d love to have you host a giveaway on your blog and/ OR do a product review for us AND get ad rates.

    Tessa Wood
    WishGarden Herbs

  29. Lyssa says:

    Hey Rachel,

    I know you don’t recognize me, but I read your blog all the time. I’m one of those lurkers in the shadows who rarely comments! I’m asking for a weird favor. With a backstory.

    Last week I decided to quit Facebook for a while. Lots of reasons. But one of the drawbacks has been that I can’t have the type of discussions I used to begin (instigate?) with all the Facebook friends I had from across the U.S. We would talk about all kinds of subjects. Most recently, the topics have been focused on various parenting issues. Everyone has their own opinion, of course! But my husband and I want to have a gentle-peaceful parenting approach, focused on respect and fostering life-long learners. Although our daughter, Harmony, is only seven months of age, we already know that we want to home-school (possibly unschool), and are taking a different approach to discipline, rules, etc. than most of our other more traditionally minded friends. That’s why I really enjoy your blog! You are living proof that it DOES work to do things differently.

    Recently the topic came up among several families with young children of titles. What should our children (barely starting to talk now) address the adults around them? My husband and I were completely comfortable with being called by our first names. But several other parents disagreed and said that culturally, traditionally, or personally, they wished for less familiarity and more respect from chidlren, so they wanted “Mr.” and “Mrs.” used for them. I am of the mindset that our daughter will be taught to respect everyone, and that she should call each person what they wish to be called out of respect for them. But quite a few of my friends are torn; they have no idea what they want their children to call adults!

    I’m the youngest of all our friends with children. When I speak up, nobody laughs at me, but I can usually sense a few silent questions. We’re just different in a lot of our opinions, as I said. So I was hoping that perhaps you could offer your thoughts on this subject on my blog post? I know this sounds like a shameless plug, “come read my blog!!!!”, but I truly do want your opinion. One friend told me today that she had been checking that post’s comments to see if anyone had written yet, because she really wants to hear other opinions on this question of titles. Nobody seems to be brave enough to comment first!

    Even if you have a different opinion than me, I value what you have to say, because I do respect your parenting choices that you write about on your blog. So if you have a chance… could you please write something? I’d really, really appreciate it, and hopefully all my friends who read my blog will see that maybe I’m not the only one out there who has a strong opinion that doesn’t exactly follow all the rules : ) The more people who will voice their thoughts, the better!

    If you have time, here’s what I’ve got: http://playguitar4him.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-question-of-titles.html

    And if you’re not interested, or too busy, don’t worry. I’ll still read your blog! You’re cool ; )



  30. Jaclyn says:

    I am so excited! I am placing my first LuSa order tomorrow as a Canadian retailer! Can’t wait! Just needed to share my excitement 🙂 Love your products!!!

  31. Amy says:

    Hi. I think I am going to try to create some beeswax luminaries. Do you know a good online source for the beeswax? I would prefer it to have a very strong scent. Thank you,

  32. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Laura,
    I shoot with an older Nikon D100 and a 50 MM 1.8 lens. The lens is the key to the look of my photos if thats what you are wondering. I started using it this spring, so go back to last year to see how it changed my images.



  33. Jen N says:

    Hi Rachel – my friend Ali (Madison) referred me to LuSa Organics and I am in love with your offerings. Looking forward to trying a few things out as we have a little one on the way in December, and are practicing green cleaning etc anyway… Also happy to share I saw at least one mention or LuSa Organics on the Milwaukee Cloth Diaper FB page. Are you distributing at any local shops in SE Wisco? Outpost, or Bellies & Babies / Well-Rounded?

  34. Jen N says:

    Oops – and now just saw your location on the LuSa page. Check out Bellies & Babies / Well Rounded (Bay View) if you haven’t already. Cheers!

  35. Shann says:

    Destiny brought me to your site. I have Lyme Disease as well. After 10 years of illness, debt, traveling to find answers, I had to find my doctors with my answers in the Lyme capital Virginia. I have had my diagnosis for less than 3 months,but the disease for approximately a decade and you can imagine the progression. I can no longer homeschool, craft as I have since taught at the age of 5 growing up on a farm in rural Indiana. You are an angel and it is no accident I found your site. I will keep looking every day for homeopathic and integrative remedies. I am not so lonely now. Thank you for sharing part of your life.

  36. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Destiny,

    Our facility (and therefore our products) are not certified GF. We use rolled oats in two products, otherwise we do not use and glutenous ingredients. I (and my daughter and two staff members) are gluten-free as well and I understand the challenges of finding safe, healthy products.

    Be well!

  37. Alison says:

    I just found your blog the other day and as I was admiring how beautiful your photos of your land and life were I began to wonder where you lived…and behold! It is none other than my own dear state! I live on the Eastern side, and I spend a lot of time browsing around real estate sites for a place of my own in a rural area of the state and wondering how on earth I could make it happen. Either way I am super excited to find such a great blog from my favorite state! 🙂

  38. Pema says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Could you tell me what I can use besides Kryolan to coat wooden pegs prior to painting? Looking for something a bit more natural if it’s out there.

    Thank you! Love your page 🙂

    momma to Soleil, Pax, and Atticus

  39. Jaquie says:

    Hello Ms. Wolf,

    I’m currently doing intern work and my boss showed me the link to your,”Vermont With Friends” post. The reason being, he’d like to use a similar format for her own blog. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble I’d really love to know what format was used.

    Thank you,


  40. Shell ~ says:

    ~ hi Rachel,

    I’m writing in regards to your latest post of Lupine gifting the Waldorf doll to her young friend who had a house fire. I would like to also gift the family with a basket of handmade knit items. I make mittens & adorable mouse & hedgehog toys, little embroidered felted cottages for the toy animals, Waldorf doll clothes that are knitted, puppets, all kinds of things!! I would love to create some special items for this family. I live in La Crosse & have my knits at the local Co-op, and also an Artisan Gallery in Londonderry, Vermont. (my hometown.)
    Its The Mountain Painters & Artisan Gallery. I tell you that just so you know I am legit.
    Can you contact me through my email here??, with what ages the children are & the family members, or address so I can write them a card & let them know that the
    * Knit Faeries * will have a surprise for them all. I would like to create a handmade item for each family member.
    When I was 15 yrs old, we had a devastating loss in my family, because of a fire. I am touched by Lupine’s kindness & wish to extend my own. I’ve been wondering why I just couldn’t get a box of knitting off to the Gallery this week, plans kept getting changed when I was to mail it, . .
    . . . now I think its because the knits are supposed to go to this family, who needs some surprise * Fairy * Kindness * far more than I need the $ compensation.
    Please email me a reply as you can. 🙂
    Shell ~

  41. Maika says:

    Hi, I just read your article on tooth soap. I read a different article yesterday and was a bit confused, as the writer said to use for instance Dr. Bronners bar soap, but warned intensely about glycerine. However, glycerine is a natural product that occurs through saponification. It even says on the Dr. Bronners website that they do not distill the glycerine out of their soaps. You state in your article that the amount is negligible, but how do you know this? Have you done any calculations on the chemical outcomes and then compared it to the usual amount of glycerine in toothpaste? If so, please share.

  42. Brooklyn says:

    Hi! I’m doing a school project on Transcendentalists, and I’ve been obsessed with your blog for a while. In my project, my group and I are supposed to have like a spokesperson that is real or made up, and I thought you would be perfect because your lifestyle really reflects would I think modern transcendentalism would be like; you always talk about downsizing and simplicity and nature and all the things that transcendentalists have in their philosophy. I wanted to ask if it would be okay to use a few of your photos (with credits to you, of course) and to use you as the spokesperson for my project? Your blog would be a perfect example for my project! It’s due Thursday (we got the assignment on Monday). So please reply soon!

    Please and thank you! (P.S. I love your soaps. They’re heavenly!)

  43. Brooklyn Manga says:

    Thank you so much for allowing me to use you in my project! My teacher and classmates were pretty interested in your lifestyle, and thought it was really cool. My group was even more excited that we got a real spokesperson and didn’t just make one up! Anyways, happy blogging and thank you again!

  44. Maddie says:

    Yourhomemade toothpaste is it ok to ise on babies 6 months and older . and once made how long is it good for
    Thank you

  45. Jacqueline Boissonneau says:

    Hi Rachel,
    Love your blog–thank you for sharing so much about yourself, life, and knowledge.
    I was wondering that kind of soap I could use to brush my teeth?

  46. Jackie says:

    I made your elecampane honey about six months ago, from fresh root, and never refrigerated it. Is it still safe to use. It doesn’t smell or taste strange. I just made another batch from fresh root, this root seemed to have more moisture in it, is that OK. I will refrigerate this one after a week. Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

  47. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Jackie,
    While some would say it is safe to use, I err on the side of refrigerating anything containing water that is not preserved with alcohol. Because of the water coming out of the roots into the honey, this falls into that category. That said, plenty of herbalists keep honey-infusions at room temperature. Its really up to you to research it further to decide. The risk is botulism growing in the honey/elecampane mixture. For me its not worth the risk, especially since you have another batch on deck. I hope that helps!

  48. tanya.aza@gmail.com says:

    Hi Rachel, Great blog, I’m really enjoying it! Also, have you heard of the book “Peaceful Piggy Meditation”? I think it might be a great way to introduce a child to meditation. Do you know of any other books like that?

    Tanya 🙂

  49. Claudia says:

    Hello Rachel, I really enjoy your blog. I was wondering if you already thought to write a book filled with your good recepies and ideas like you write on your blog and your articles in Taproot Magazine… Thank you, Claudia

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