My Parents.

We’re off to Nanny and Bumpie’s (Grandma and Grandpa).

Because of Lupine’s road-personality I haven’t been to visit my parents since Christmas. That’s a bit embarrassing considering that they live only three hours away.

My parents are a treasure.

When we visit we arrive to a food stocked with organic food. For us. And the TV? They don’t turn it on when the kids are around. Really.

Though we don’t parent like they did, my mom and dad treat our parenting decisions with love and respect. They treat our kids the way we do, even cosleeping on Sage’s many visits. I feel so blessed for the love and respect I get from my folks as we homebirth, choose not to vaccinate, extended breastfeed, homeschool (unschool!), and live an otherwise natural existence. Perhaps that is a testament to their parenting – that I have found the courage to swim against the stream and find my bliss in authentic, loving patenting.

So we’re off for a week in Brookfield. And what a week it will be.

A baby shower.

A birthday party.

A visit with my sister, AKA Titi.

A Brewer’s game.

A hindu ceremony.

A wedding.

A reception.

A sleepover at my high school best friend’s house.

A trip to the pool. Or maybe two trips to the pool. (I have to say, the pools in the suburbs are freaking awesome.)

A visit with our naturopath to get to the bottom of a food allergy.

And of course a few hours at the fabric store, a necessity with every visit home. Sans kids I hope so I can do some serious stash filling.

So we’re off for a week. Hope yours is packed with magic and love!

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