Back to the Woods.

Sage is six. Six!  In his words “Seeeeeks? Holy Guacamole! Stop it – you’re killing me, dudes.”

To celebrate, we drove to my parents’ cabin on the Wolf River for the second time this summer. This weekend we brought a few of Sage’s closes friends (whose parents happen to be among our closest friends). It was a great few days of relaxing and playing in the Northwoods.

We spent our days hiking in the woods, and swimming in the river.

We caught some frogs,

roasted marshmallows,

and slept under the stars.

And best of all, Sage is six and had an exceptionally magical birthday.

Seeeeeks? Holy guacamole little dude. You’re growing up fast.

Six candles on your cake, six wishes we shall make. May they all come true, Sage-a-licious.

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