(I mean lawns, silly).

We love our neighbors.

They are sweet and thoughtful in that neighborly sort of way that small towns are good for. They bring us flowers, share their newspapers, and wave happily when they pass. More importantly, they overlook our shortcomings (like our inability to mow before the grass goes to seed), and pretend to not notice when our naked children run screaming through the backyard.

But there is this one issue. One. Huge. Issue.

Lawn chemicals.

While our neighbors are truly good folks, they are also truly clueless when it comes to the health and environmental effects of their bi-annual toxic lawn soup. I believe that if they knew the effect that their lawn care choices had on their own health (or their pet’s, or the neighbor kids) they might would make different choices.

So I decided to make a postcard with a few pesticide facts to leave in the doors when I see the telltale white flags.

Brave? Perhaps. Brazen? Maybe. Pushy? A bit. But I thought it could be done politely and in an nonthreatening manner to just provide some information.

It’s the educator in me.

Must. Teach.

Must. Provide. Facts.

Must. Create. Informed. Citizens.

My search for statistics led me to Beyond Pesticides. And that postcard I was making? They offer beautiful (nonthreatening) door hangers to leave with the neighbors (for free no less!). I got to thinking… I need more people on this mission! So that’s where you come in. Request your free door hangers today and then stealth one on your neighbor’s front door when the chemical truck pulls away (just be sure you don’t cut across the lawn). Our kids, pets, water, and soil microorganisms say thanks.

(Oh, and when you get home from your Door Hanger Mission, be sure to blissfully roll around on your maybe weedy but beautifully non-toxic lawn. My kids suggest this move sans-clothing, but really that’s up to you.)

2 thoughts on “Grass.

  1. Kayla says:

    We are in the process of a move but before we are fully gone from the neighborhood I’m going to see if this website is still offering free door hangers to place on a few of my neighbors doors (I realize I’m pretty deep in the archives of your blog. I love it here so much I had to start at the very beginning.).The neighborhood we’ve lived in for 5 years is loaded with folks who love having perfect grass lawns with zero “weeds.” They despise our lawn. We grow it long and enjoy the things they consider weeds that create a more diverse ecosystem. We planted a micro clover and love how fluffy and cozy it makes our yard. I laughed about your kids playing naked. That is SO my children.

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