Barack you like a hurricane.

(I wish I could take credit for that.)

Start here: cue this You Tube video and keep it rolling in the background. There. Now we have a multi-sensory blog.

Despite my best efforts at keeping my blog a-political, I can do it no longer (Dad, Uncle Clark and much of my extended family, you may want to stop reading now).

Things have gotten a little crazy in the past few weeks. In fact, I hear we’ve headed into some tough times. Huh. Interesting.

Then why am I feeling so full of hope, light, and fearlessness these days? Because change is in the air! This election is making me giddy.

You see, I have been a passionate voter since I turned 18. As a young college student I use to collect my friends from high school in my rickety little car, the “Peace-mobile“, and drive them to the suburbs where we were all still registered to vote. We’d go from polling place to polling place until we had all cast our ballots.

Without my escort to the polls none of those friends would have made a point of voting, but to me it was a no-brainer. You have to vote.

And although I have always been passionate about my right – my responsibility – to vote, I have never before been inspired by a politician. (I have cast many, many votes for “lesser of evils”. Perhaps you have done the same, or perhaps you have not voted because of that feeling.)

The first time I heard Obama speak I was staying at a hostel in Minneapolis. The television in the lobby was airing his speech after winning the nomination in Ohio. With no television at home I had never heard him speak before.

I stood captivated at the top of the stairs, listening intently to every word.

I had goosebumps.

This was, quite likely, the first time that a politician (let alone a two-party candidate) truly spoke to me.

Since then I have been very selective about the media exposure I subject myself to. (I have a very low tolerance for negativity and no TV, a good combination really.)

So no, I don’t know the ins-and-outs of this weeks polls or who was nasty during the debates. What I do know is that Obama represents a return to a positive core value system, something desperately needed in our political system. A transformation from darkness to light, from fear to hope, from profits to people. A return to environmental action, and an end to military action.

It’s revolutionary really – creating a world that we’d actually want our kids to live in.

By the way, the freaky great images throughout this post are just a taste of what is available for your use (free even!). Fire up your printer and hustle over to (Edited to fix this link. Thanks for letting me know if was misdirected, Laura!) Then print signs, stickers, banners, shirts – anything. Make your voice heard!

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