Although I can be a bit of a loner, community holds immense value to me. We chose our hometown to fulfill our need for providing our children with connections, roots, and a true sense of community. It is no accident that we landed in Viroqua. I can't imagine us anywhere else.

As homeschoolers, we tap into our community often to provide social (and educational) opportunities for our children – and ourselves. New Year's Eve was one such moment. My loner-sensibilities were shelved for the holidays, and we packed our house with 17 lovely (albeit loud) souls.


With adults just barely outnumbered by children, there was a dizzying volume for most of the evening. Horses, witches and squirrels ran about, beds became trampolines, and songs were sung. Finally, when all but the oldest kids were growing tired (though none would admit it), we climbed together on the couch for a winter tale, and settled into the quiet of late evening.


As the night came to a close and we said goodbye to departing friends, I realized the value that each of these people brings not only to my life, but to my children. Community, connection, and our own interpretation of family. Don't all humans hunger for these connections in our lives?

How blessed we are to have found it here.

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  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    Yes, this is not your ordinary small town! In our previous experience, two or three good friends was where we felt our deep connections topped out. None the less, even finding those two or three transforms your everyday. Thank you for your comments!

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